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ACCA Applied Skills level is a mix of both knowledge and application of various fields of accounting and finance. Here a student learns how to apply different accounting techniques and principles to scenarios.


To register for ACCA Courses, starting at Skills level you must be:
- A registered ACCA Qualification student OR
- Must have completed FAB, FMA and FFA exams of FIA qualification OR
- Must be exempted from ACCA Knowledge level papers based on your previous qualification (to know more about ACCA exemptions policy contact us or visit


ACCA Applied Skills level comprises of 6 papers;
- Business and Corporate Law (LW)
- Performance Management (PM)
- Taxation (TX)
- Financial Reporting (FR)
- Audit and Assurance (AA)
- Financial Management (FM)
All the papers are computer based exams known as session CBE’s and can be taken only in June and September as per the announced dates of ACCA.
Students get an “Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business” on completion of this level and completion of online “Ethics and Professional Skills” module.
A “BSc in Applied Accounting” degree from Oxford Brookes University is also awarded to students who can submit a research report after completion of this level.


Course Duration: ACCA Skills level may be completed within 1 to 1.5 years of time depending upon the competence and commitment of student.
Course Days: 5 DAYS A WEEK
Course Timings: 9:30AM – 01:00PM
Teaching Hours: 36-40 hours/paper


The students need to register separately with ACCA for taking up examinations for respective papers. Computer based exams (CBE) for Corporate and Business Law (LW) can be taken any time. ACCA conducts two times examinations in a year for papers F5-F9 accordingly and for papers F1-F4 students can take the examination anytime in a year. The examination schedule will be confirmed from the administration department as per ACCA update after the completion of the course for F1-F5 papers (which are CBE papers).
All CBE Paper’s Examination can be taken by students throughout the year for the remaining papers the ACCA will be updating us with the exact dates accordingly only at the specified examination centre.
Candidates should carry their passport/NIN card to the examination centre, without which they are not entitled to write the exam. Anyone who arrives late will not be admitted to the test.


- One time registration fees of NAIRA 30,000/- to be paid to SUN at the time of admission.
- Registration fees is exempted if the student is already registered with SUN for Knowledge module
- Knowledge Module: NAIRA 1,050,000/- 6 papers (N175, 000/- per paper)
- Fees are subject to 7.5% VAT as applicable


- 2 Passport size photographs
- NIN/Passport/Visa Copy
- Fee as specified in Fee Policy


- For course cancelled by Institution:
- 100% refund of course fee
- For course cancelled by student:
- 25% refund of module fee before the commencement of course.
- No refund of course fee after the commencement of course


 - Course and exam dates are subject to change.
- Conduct of classes is subject to minimum number of students enrolled.
- Conduct of morning batches is subject to minimum number of students enrolled. In case of cancellation of the batches, registered students would be shifted to available batch. Student should refer to fee refund policy, in case he/she is not willing to shift the batch.
- Courses offered during holy month of Ramadan would have different timings. Student should contact administration/CCL for new timings.

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