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B.Sc. Biology

This Programme is designed to produce graduates with a broad-based degree, a good working knowledge in other areas of pure and applied sciences, which are very useful to society. The students are exposed to an overview of the various subjects of all the three science disciplines – Biology, Physics and Chemistry – during the tenure of their programmes. Thus, on completion of the biology programme, the students are well-versed in major areas of all three disciplines and their application in current scenarios. Students will acquire a broad knowledge in biological science and natural sciences, coupled with analytical, oral and compositional skills.

To enrich students with:

    • Demonstrated understanding of Mendelian and molecular genetics, cell structure, cell physiology and molecular processes of cells
    • Demonstrated proper and safe laboratory practices, proper use of equipment, ability to use basic techniques in several areas, and advanced techniques in at least one area
    • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with computational, mathematical and statistical approaches to acquire, analyze and model experimental datasets
    • Understanding of the role of science in society and the ethical conduct of science
    • The ability to develop hypotheses and design approaches to evaluate them, as well as to access and critically evaluate information in biology.
    • The ability to report results of their experiments in a written paper that conforms to the scientific conventions of that field and incorporate the findings into the existing body of knowledge in biology.
    • Demonstrated ability to orally communicate findings of their experiments or the works of others.
    • Demonstrated ability to use their degrees to undertake careers in biology or to gain admittance into postgraduate or professional programmes.
  1. To train academically sound future researchers and intellectuals in the area of general biology, with emphasis on areas on the cutting edge of modern biology, e.g. Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Cell and Tissue Culture, Cytology and Environmental Conservation
  2. To contribute to discoveries and innovations in these aspects of the biological science discipline through research
  3. To provide expert counsel and consultancy services to national and international organizations on issues relating to general biology
  4. To develop in students, a range of transferable skills that are of value in biological as well as non-biological employments
  5. To provide students with knowledge and skill base from which they can proceed to further studies in specialized areas of biological sciences or multi-disciplinary areas involving biology.

B. Sc. Biology – 4 YEAR Curriculum Plan

Sl. NoCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture  (hours)Practical
SEMESTER 1     Level 100
1GST1211English Communication I2GST30
2GST1213Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT2GST30
3GST1215Nigerian People and Culture2GST30
4MTH1311Mathematics I3Core45
5BIO1311Biology I3Core3045
6PHY1311Physics I3Core3045
7CHM1311Chemistry I3Core3045
SEMESTER 2     Level 100
1GST1222Communication in French2GST30
2GST1224Logical Critical Thinking & Problem Solving2GST30
3GST1226Introduction to Entrepreneurship2GST30
4ACC1322Research Methodology3Core45
5CHM1322Organic Chemistry3Core3045
6CHM1324Inorganic Chemistry3Core3045
7MCB1322Introduction to Microbiology3Core3045
SEMESTER 3     Level 200
1GST2211English Communication II2GST30
2GST2213Leadership Skills2GST30
3GST2215Core Life Skills & Happiness2GST30
4MTH2315Mathematics II3Core45
5BIO2311Biology II3Core3045
6PHY2313Physics II3Core3045
7CHM2313Chemistry II3Core3045
SEMESTER 4     Level 200
1STA2322Statistics for Biological Sciences3Core45
2BIO2322Introduction to Ecology3Core3045
3ZOO2322Invertebrate Zoology3Core3045
4ZOO2324Chordate Zoology3Core3045
6MCB2324Food Microbiology3Core3045
SEMESTER 5     Level 300
1BIO3699SIWES(Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) / Industrial Attachment / Project6
SEMESTER 6     Level 300
1MCB3322Microbial Ecology3Core3045
3MCB3324Advanced Food Microbiology3Core3045
4BIO3340Molecular Biology3Required45
6BIO3324Introductory Nematology3Required45
7BIO3326General Physiology3Required3045
SEMESTER 7     Level 400
1MCB4319Introductory Virology3Core3045
2BIO4311Population Genetics3Required45
3BIO4313Cytogenetics of Plants3Required3045
4BIO4315Systematic Biology3Required45
5Elective 133045
6Elective 233045
SEMESTER 8     Level 400
1BIO4322General Cytology3Required3045
2MCB4342Industrial &  Environmental Microbiology3Core3045
3MCB4322Soil Ecology3Required45
4BIO4324Human Genetics and Genomics3Required45
5BIO4326Systematic & Developmental Biology3Required45
Total Credits for Programme1321,5451,035
Options for Elective 1 & 2
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture  (hours)Practical
ZOO4311Principles of Parasitology3Elective3045
BIO4317Marine & Hydrobiology3Elective3045
Project / Internship / SIWES ( Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme)
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture  (hours)Practical
BIO3699SIWES / Industrial Attachment / Project6
DescriptionCore / Compulsory – Common Courses in the DepartmentCore / Compulsory – Common courses in the department for more than one Programs
(Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme)
General Studies Courses
Elective CoursesRequired –
Major Courses as per the Program