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B.Sc. Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme is designed to prepare the students for careers where they acquire in-depth skills as professionals in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. One gets trained to become a professional who can confidently delve into entrepreneurships, successfully take calculated risks and understand the dynamics of a competitive economy. They get focused on business idea generation and making the most of opportunities to craft their own business operations. This programme will blend technology and business, and create new opportunities. Upon completion of this programme, students will be equipped with knowledge to sufficiently handle the demands of working with entrepreneurial startups, managing innovative projects etc.

  • To equip students with fundamental knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation relevant for the operation of new ventures
  • To provide the knowledge and skills necessary to identify new business opportunities (in both independent and corporate settings)
  • Support students to efficiently design business models for new businesses, iteratively refine them, and effortlessly present to external stakeholders.
  • To develop knowledge, analytical skills and astute business acumen and techniques
  • To build up innovative and entrepreneurial skills
  • Get students to understand real and complex business problems
  • Students will learn to make their own business propositions and start-ups
  • Teach students how to lead people, create business opportunities, understand and influence consumers
  • Students will learn to become highly competitive in the labour market, by acquiring knowledge and skills needed to transform innovative technologies into successful businesses
  • To equip students with real-world experience in analyzing the potentials of technology and putting forth innovative commercial ideas.

B. Sc. Entrepreneurship & Innovation – 4 Years Curriculum Plan

Sl. NoCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
SEMESTER 1 Level 100
1GST1211English Communication I2GST30
2GST1213Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT2GST30
3GST1215Nigerian People and Culture2GST30
4ACC1311Business Mathematics3Core45
5PSY1311Social Psychology3Core45
6BUA1311Principles of Management3Core45
7BUA1313Business Environment3Core45
Level 100 SEMESTER 2
1GST1222Communication in French2GST30
2GST1224Logical Critical Thinking & Problem Solving2GST30
3GST1226Introduction to Entrepreneurship2GST30
4STA1322Business Statistics3Core45
5ACC1322Research Methodology3Core45
6ECO1322Micro Economics3Core45
7ACC1324Principles of Accounting I3Core45
SEMESTER 3 Level 200
1GST2211English Communication II2GST30
2GST2213Leadership Skills2GST30
3GST2215Core Life Skills & Happiness2GST30
4BAF2313Quantitative Techniques for Business3Core45
5MKT2313Principles of Marketing3Core45
6CSC2319Emerging Technologies3Core45
7CSC2311Digital Transformation for Business3Core45
SEMESTER 4 Level 200
1ECO2322Macro Economics3Core45
2ECO2324Principles of Finance3Core45
3BUA2322Business Law3Core45
5BUA2326Organizational Behaviour3Core45
6ACC2322Principles of Accounting-II3Core45
SEMESTER 5 Level 300
1MKT3311Digital Marketing3Core45
3BUA3311Management of Human Resources3Core45
4BUA3319Management of Small-Medium scale Enterprises3Core45
5BUA3331Strategic Management3Core45
6BUA3313Operations Management3Core45
7BUA3315Business Policy & Strategy3Core45
SEMESTER 6 Level 300
1ENT3699SIWES(Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) / Industrial Attachment / Project6
SEMESTER 7 Level 400
1BUA4311Management Information Systems3Core45
2ENT4315Family Business Management3Required45
3ENT4311International Entrepreneurship3Required45
4BUA4331Legal aspets of Business3Required45
5Elective 1345
6Elective 2345
SEMESTER 8 Level 400
1ENT4328Design Thinking3Required45
2IRS4322Globalization and Emerging Markets3Core45
3ACC4326Financial Statement Analysis3Core45
4Elective 3345
5Elective 4345
Total Credits for Programme1321,87545
Options for Elective 1 & 2
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
MKT4311Customer Relations Management3Elective45
ACC4332Micro Finance3Elective45
ENT4313Social Venture Capital Fund3Elective45
BUA4333Business Ethics3Elective45
Options for Electives 3 & 4
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
NT4322Entrepreneurial Leadership3Elective45
MKT4322Brand Management3Elective45
ENT4324Social Entrepreneurship3Elective45
ENT4326Entrepreneurial Project Design3Elective45
Project / Internship / SIWES ( Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme)
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)