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B.Sc. Geology

Geology is designed to equip the students with the ability to apply knowledge and skills to solving theoretical and practical problems in the exploration and exploitation of natural earth resources, and also be able to carry out research in Geo-Sciences. Geologists study and work with the earth which includes: determining what makes-up the ground’s components in a specific area, understanding the history of how the earth was formed and making predictions for the future. With an education in geology, you can work in a number of roles within the geological industry. Since oftentimes, the most important structural instabilities of the earth come from the ground under us, it’s important to have a sufficient picture of the variables that can come into play.

  • Students will acquire a solid base of knowledge in the science of geology as a whole, and also earth materials, earth history, sedimentation and stratigraphy, deformational processes and structural features, geomorphic processes and landforms
  • Students will develop proficiency in conveying complex geologic concepts in clear and technically correct terms and writing
  • Students will develop proficiency in oral communication of complex geologic concepts
  • Students will develop the aptitudes and dispositions necessary to help democratize society by obtaining and maintaining employment as professional geologists
  • Understand the scientific basis for both relative and absolute ages in geologic times
  • Understand plate tectonics and its central role as the unifying theory of geology
  • Understand how humans act as geologic agents and the impacts we make on the environment
  • Understand the scientific processes and bases for geologic interpretations.
  • Instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for Geology, an appreciation of its application and relevance in offering solutions to different societal developmental problems, and to involve them in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying
  • Provide students with a broad and balanced foundation of geological knowledge and practical skills
  • Develop in students the ability to apply their geological knowledge and skills to generate solutions for theoretical and practical problems in geology
  • Provide students with knowledge and skill base from which they can proceed to further in specialized areas of geology or multidisciplinary areas involving geology
  • Generate in students an appreciation of the importance of geology in industrial, economic, environmental, technological and social development.

B.Sc. Geology – 4 Years Curriculum Plan

Sl. NoCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
SEMESTER 1 Level 100
1GST1211English Communication I2GST30
2GST1213Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT2GST30
3GST1215Nigerian People and Culture2GST30
4MTH1311Mathematics I3Core45
5BIO1311Biology I3Core3045
6PHY1311Physics I3Core3045
7CHM1311Chemistry I3Core3045
SEMESTER 2 Level 100
1GST1222Communication in French2GST30
2GST1224Logical Critical Thinking & Problem Solving2GST30
3GST1226Introduction to Entrepreneurship2GST30
4ACC1322Research Methodology3Core45
5CHM1322Organic Chemistry3Core3045
6CHM1324Inorganic Chemistry3Core3045
7CHM1326Analytical Chemistry3Core3045
SEMESTER 3 Level 200
1GST2211English Communication II2GST30
2GST2213Leadership Skills2GST30
3GST2215Core Life Skills & Happiness2GST30
4MTH2315Mathematics II3Core45
5BIO2311Biology II3Core3045
6PHY2313Physics II3Core3045
7CHM2313Chemistry II3Core3045
SEMESTER 4 Level 200
1STA2324Statisctics for Physical Sciences & Engineering3Core45
2GEY2322Introduction to Geology3Required3045
3GEY2324Physical Geology3Required3045
4GEY2326Introduction to Petrology3Required3045
5GEY2428Invertebrate Palaeontology3Required3045
6GEY2340Principles of Stratigraphy3Required45
SEMESTER 5 Level 300
1GEY3699SIWES(Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) / Industrial Attachment / Project6
SEMESTER 6 Level 300
1GEY3322Introduction to Surveying3Required3045
2GEY3324Geological Map Interpretation and Field Mapping3Required3045
3GEY3326Crystallography and Systematic Mineralogy3Required3045
4GEY3328Introduction to Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology3Required3045
5GEY3340Mineral Resources and Environmental Geology3Required45
6PHY3322Physics for Solid Earth3Required45
7GEY3342Introduction to Applied Geology3Required3045
SEMESTER 7 Level 400
1GEY4311Photogeology and Remote Sensing3Required3045
3GEY4315Field Geology of Nigeria3Required1590
4GEY4317Sedimentology and Sedimentary Petrology3Required3045
5Elective 1345
6Elective 233045
SEMESTER 8 Level 400
1GEY4322Drilling Methods3Required45
2GEY4324Marine & Hydro Geology3Required3045
3GEY4326Applied Geophysics3Required3045
4GEY4328Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology3Required3045
5GEY4340Economic Geology3Required3045
Total Credits for Programmeme1321,4851,215
Options for Elective 1 & 2
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (Hours)
GEY4319Micropalaeontology and Palaecology3Elective3045
GEY4331Quaternary and Environmental Geology3Elective45
GEY4333Engineering Geology3Elective45
GEY4335Advance Mineralogy3Elective3045
Project / Internship / SIWES ( Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme)
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical
GEY3699SIWES / Industrial Attachment / Project6