Anaesthesia For Intestinal Obestruction

Publication Title Name :Anaesthesia For Intestinal Obestruction
Publication year :Thesis 1980
Publication Address :Abdel El Same El Shourbai ,Ahmed
Main Category :Miscellaneous
Main & Sub Category :617 Surgery & related medical specialties
Vol ::Ahmed Abdel Samee El Shourbagi
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :617
Article Title :Anaesthesia For Intestinal Obestruction
Statement of responsibility :Ahmed Abdel Samee Elk Shourbagi
Place of publication :Ain shams university -Faculty of medicine
Name of publisher ::Ahmed Abdel Samee El Shourbagi
Date of publication :, 1980
Publication Extent :72p
Publication Dimensions :;30cm
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Leader :00000naa#a2200000uu#4500
ISBN :10125540
Original BibID :FLS
Date and time of last modification :20081029234608.0
General informatio :/ a)Ain shams university -Faculty of medicine b):Ahmed Abdel Samee El Shourbagi c), 1980 a)72p c);30cm b):illus/ Wadid Bokum / Superviser/a)617/a)Includes References (68-72)/a)Wadid Bokum e)Superviser/التخدير فى حالات الاسداد المعوى a)التخدير فى حالات الاسداد المعوى/ Thesis (M.Sc ) Ain shams university -Faculty of Medicine .Anaesthesia a)Thesis (M.Sc ) Ain shams university -Faculty of Medicine .Anaesthesia/
Cataloging Source :081029|1980uuuuua|a#a#frm#m##000#0#eng||
DDC No :a)617
Personal Name :a)Abdel El Same El Shourbai ,Ahmed
Publication data field :a)Anaesthesia For Intestinal Obestruction c)Ahmed Abdel Samee Elk Shourbagi
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Language Code :a)EG EULC a)English
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Author Name :Abdel El Same El Shourbai ,Ahmed


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