Hospital literature index

Publication Title Name :Hospital literature index.
Publication year :Periodical [1982 - 1984]
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Main Category :Miscellaneous
Main & Sub Category :Z الببليوجرافيا و علم المكتبات - R الطب
Vol :016 الببليوجرافيات الموضوعية 016.36 ببلوجرافيا العلوم القانونية
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Article Title :Hospital literature index.
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Place of publication :Chicago,
Name of publisher :American Hospital Association.
Date of publication :[1982 - 1984].
Publication Extent :38 v.
Publication Dimensions :28 cm.
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Leader :Hospitals / Indexes.
ISBN :Hospital Administration / Indexes.
Original BibID :02258cas#a2200000#a#4500
Date and time of last modification :10138993
General informatio :016.3621/1/ a)(OCoLC)ocm01752296/ a)Z6675.H75 b)H67 a)RA963 a)016.3621/1/a)38 v. c)28 cm./a)Hospitals v)Indexes. a)Hospital Administration v)Indexes./a)eng/Library of the American Hospital Association, Asa S. Bacon Memorial. a)Library of the American Hospital Association, Asa S. Bacon Memorial./ Health Facilities / Indexes. Delivery of Health Care / Indexes. Health services administration / Indexes -Periodicals. Health facilities / Indexes -Periodicals. Hospitals / Indexes -Periodicals./ American Hospital Association./ a)0018-5736/a)nsdp a)lc a)Hosp. lit. index a)Hospital literature index/a)v. 13, no. 2-v. 50; Dec. 1957-1994./a)Vols. for Dec. 1957-1961 issued semiannually; 1962-1994 issued quarterly with annual (the fourth quarter being an annual cumulation) and quinquennial cumulations. a)Compiled 1978-1994 with the cooperation and assistance of the National Library of Medicine./ a)SERBIB/SERLOC merged record/a)Health Facilities v)Indexes. a)Delivery of Health Care v)Indexes. a)Health services administration x)Indexes v)Periodicals. a)Health facilities x)Indexes v)Periodicals. a)Hospitals x)Indexes v)Periodicals./ a)American Hospital Association./a)AzTeS a)MiU a)N a)NBC a)NN a)NjR a)OU a)ViRCU-H a)WaU a)AzU a)CLSU a)CSt a)CU-SM a)CaOTU a)DLC a)ICarbS a)KMK/ a)Hospital literature index. i)80-642426/a)ZWX 100 b)H828/ t)Hospital periodical literature index w)(OCoLC)1777998 t)Hospital and health administration index x)1077-1719 w)(DLC) 96649829 w)(OCoLC)30714319/a)23-7-0312262970-p-----1/ a)Prepared in the Library of the American Hospital Association./
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Personal Name :a)Chicago, b)American Hospital Association. c)[1982 - 1984].
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physical descripti :a)Hospital literature index.
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Language Code :751101m19821984iluqx#p#r#####00en#0eng#d a)80642426 z)sn 80008256 a)DLC d)NST d)MiU d)NSDP d)WaU d)DLC d)OCoLC c)MnMULS d)NIC d)DNLM d)NSDP d)DLC d)NST d)OCoLC d)NSDP d)EG EULC
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