Cumulative index to nursing allied health literature

Publication Title Name :Cumulative index to nursing & allied health literature.
Publication year :Periodical [1982 - 1984]
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Main Category :Miscellaneous
Main & Sub Category :Z الببليوجرافيا و علم المكتبات - R الطب
Vol :016 الببليوجرافيات الموضوعية
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Article Title :Cumulative index to nursing & allied health literature.
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Place of publication :Glendale, CA,
Name of publisher :Glendale Adventist Medical Center.
Date of publication :[1982 - 1984].
Publication Extent :v.
Publication Dimensions :28 cm.
Topical term :Latest issue consulted: Vol. 49, part D (2004).
Leader :Nursing / Periodicals -Indexes -Periodicals.
ISBN :Nursing / Indexes.
Original BibID :03910cas#a2200000#a#4500
Date and time of last modification :10138578
General informatio :016.61/073/ a)(OCoLC)ocm02892848/ a)Z6675.N7 b)C8 a)RT41 a)016.61/073/a)v. c)28 cm./a)Latest issue consulted: Vol. 49, part D (2004)./a)Nursing v)Indexes. a)Health Occupations v)Indexes./a)eng/Seventh-Day Adventist Hospital Association. a)Seventh-Day Adventist Hospital Association./ Health Occupations / Indexes. Nursing / Periodicals -Indexes. Allied health personnel / Abstracts -Periodicals. Nursing / Abstracts -Periodicals. Allied health personnel / Periodicals -Indexes -Periodicals./ Glendale Adventist Medical Center. a)C54419100 2)DNLM/a)0146-5554/ b)Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature, P.O. Box 871, Glendale, CA 91209 a)lc a)nsdp a)Cumul. index nurs. allied health lit. a)Cumulative index to nursing & allied health literature a)Four times a year, b)<2004-> a)v. 22- 1977-/a)Annual cumulation issued in 3 parts (A, B, C), <1991->; issued in 4 parts (A, B, C, D), <2004-> a)Vols. for 1977-<78> published for the Seventh-Day Adventist Hospital Association./ a)SERBIB/SERLOC merged record/a)Nursing v)Periodicals v)Indexes. a)Allied health personnel v)Abstracts v)Periodicals. a)Nursing v)Abstracts v)Periodicals. a)Allied health personnel x)Periodicals v)Indexes v)Periodicals. a)Nursing x)Periodicals v)Indexes v)Periodicals./ a)Glendale Adventist Medical Center. t)CINAHL database w)(OCoLC)35997028 a)CSt-L a)KMK a)MB a)NBuC a)NN a)NNC a)NbU-M a)NhD-D a)NhU a)NjR a)OrU a)CU-SM a)TxCM a)ViBlbV a)CaMBC a)CaMWM a)CaNBSU a)CaOTDL a)DLC a)ICJ a)InU/ a)Cumulative index to nursing & allied health literature. (Glendale Adventist Medical Center) Glendale CA. i)79-642922/Cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature/a)CINAHL f)1977-/ a)ZWY 100 C971/Nursing and allied health (CINAHL) Nursing & allied health (CINAHL) / 1986- a)Nursing and allied health index f)1977-<78> a)Nursing & allied health (CINAHL) f)1986-/a)677150 b)USPS a)Frequency varies, b)1982-/ t)Cumulative index to nursing literature x)0011-3018 w)(DLC) 62000147 w)(OCoLC)1064302 t)Nursing and allied health index g)1982-83 x)0744-8732 w)(DLC)sn 82005211 w)(OCoLC)8598784/a)Some issues accompanied by separately paged audiovisual supplement, 1995-/a)23-7n0508300577-p-8410 111 a)Available on CD-ROM as: Nursing & allied health (CINAHL)-CD; later called: CINAHL database./ a)Have separately published list of subject headings called: CINAHL subject headings, -1984; Nursing & allied health (CINAHL) ... subject heading list, 1986-1993; CINAHL ... subject heading list, 1994- t)Nursing and allied health index g)1984 x)0744-8732 w)(DLC)sn 82005211 w)(OCoLC)8598784/ t)Nursing & allied health (CINAHL)-CD w)(DLC) 94660792 w)(OCoLC)24636511/ Nursing and allied health index / 1977-<78> CINAHL / 1977- a)Nursing and allied health (CINAHL) a)Cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature/ t)CINAHL subject headings x)0747-6361 w)(DLC) 88655077 w)(OCoLC)10765317 t)Nursing & allied health (CINAHL) ... subject heading list x)0888-0530 w)(DLC) 87642881 w)(OCoLC)13475310/ t)CINAHL ... subject heading list x)1522-1156 w)(DLC) 98660892/
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Personal Name :a)Glendale, CA, b)Glendale Adventist Medical Center. c)[1982 - 1984].
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physical descripti :a)Cumulative index to nursing & allied health literature.
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Language Code :770416m19821984caubx#p#r#####00en#0eng#d a)79642922 z)sc 78000568 a)FPeU d)OCoLC d)NSDP d)OCoLC d)NSDP d)NST d)DLC d)NST d)DLC d)OCoLC d)NST c)FPeU d)OCoLC d)InU d)DLC d)InU d)DLC d)InU d)DLC d)NSDP d)DLC d)OCoLC d)NSDP d)DLC d)ViRCU d)DLC d)NSDP d)DLC d)NSDP d)DLC d)EG EULC
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