Publication Title Name :Immunology /
Publication year :Book 1982
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Main Category :Miscellaneous
Main & Sub Category :Immunity
Vol :Wiley,
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :9780471080442
Article Title :Immunology /
Statement of responsibility :edited by Jean-Franًcois Bach.
Place of publication :New York :
Name of publisher :Wiley,
Date of publication :1982
Publication Extent :xviii, 1014 p. :
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Topical term :Translation of: Immunologie.
Leader :Immunity
Original BibID :00794cam 2200301 a 4500
Date and time of last modification :9046919
General informatio :/a)xviii, 1014 p. : b)ill./a)Translation of: Immunologie./a)Immunity/ Bach, Jean-Franًcois. a)A Wiley medical publication a)Bach, Jean-Franًcois./a)eng/a)2nd ed./ 0471080446 :Immunologie/ a)0471080446 a):Immunologie/9)United States/
Cataloging Source :20081120085243.0
DDC No :a)9780471080442
Personal Name :a)New York : b)Wiley, c)1982
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physical descripti :a)Immunology / c)edited by Jean-Franًcois Bach.
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Language Code :8 a)DNLM c)DNLM d)The Library of Faculty of Medicine Assiut University
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