Recent advances in haematology

Publication Title Name :Recent advances in haematology
Publication year :Book 1982
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Main Category :Miscellaneous
Main & Sub Category :616 الأمراض - Blood - diseases
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Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :0443023859
Article Title :Recent advances in haematology
Statement of responsibility :A. V. Hoffbrand
Place of publication :Edinburgh
Name of publisher :Churchill
Date of publication :1982
Publication Extent :352 p.
Publication Dimensions :24 cm.
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Leader :Blood - diseases
ISBN :Hematology
Original BibID :00548nama 2200205 4500
Date and time of last modification :239319
General informatio :616.15 REC/a)616.15 REC 2)22/a)352 p. b)illus. c)24 cm./a)Hematology a)Blood - diseases/Hoffbrand , A. V. , ed./a)Hoffbrand , A. V. , ed. FLS a)eng/a)3rd.ed./
Cataloging Source :20130403115823.0
DDC No :a)0443023859
Personal Name :a)Edinburgh b)Churchill c)1982
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physical descripti :a)Recent advances in haematology c)A. V. Hoffbrand
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Language Code :130403|1982####nyuaaaafryyyy#000#0#eng#d a)EG EULC c)EG EULC d)EG EULC
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