Physics A General course

Publication Title Name :Physics : A General course /
Publication year :Book 1980
Publication Address :SAVELYEV, I.V.
Main Category :Physics
Main & Sub Category :539 Modern physics
Vol :Physics - Optics
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :539,7
Article Title :Physics :
Statement of responsibility :SAVELYEV I.V ; translated Leib.G.
Place of publication :Moscow :
Name of publisher :Mir Publishers,
Date of publication :1980 .
Publication Extent :vol 3. ؛
Publication Dimensions :24 cm .
Topical term :Physics / Nuclear physics.
Leader :00000nam#a22000003a#4500
ISBN :10290418
Original BibID :FLS
Date and time of last modification :20100624103449.0
General informatio :/ a)Moscow : b)Mir Publishers, c)1980 . a)vol 3. ؛ c)24 cm . a)Optics. Includes index and appendix./Optics. G, Leib. / translator./a)Includes index and appendix./ a)Physics x)Nuclear physics. a)G, Leib. e)translator./ A General course /a)1st. ed./a)Electricity and magetim waves optics./
Cataloging Source :080424s1980uuuuru|####fr####|000#u#eng|c
DDC No :2)21 a)539,7
Personal Name :a)SAVELYEV, I.V.
Publication data field :a)Physics : b)A General course / c)SAVELYEV I.V ; translated Leib.G.
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Topical term :-
Language Code :a)LIBRARY OF FACULTY OF SCIENCE IN QENA SVU. b)eng d)جامعة المنوفية كلية الهندسة الإلكترونية a)eng h)rus
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Author Name :SAVELYEV, I.V.


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