Electric circuits ac dc An Integrated approach

Publication Title Name :Electric circuits ac/dc An Integrated approach
Publication year :Book 1982
Publication Address :Hubert, Charles I.
Main Category :Physics
Main & Sub Category :621 الفيزياء التطبيقية - Electric Circuits
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Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :0-07-030845-4
Article Title :Electric circuits ac/dc
Statement of responsibility :Charles I. Hubert
Place of publication :USA-New York
Name of publisher :McGraw - Hill
Date of publication :1982
Publication Extent :24 cm.
Publication Dimensions :776 p.
Topical term :Includes index
Leader :Electric Circuits
Original BibID :00000nta#a220000uu#4500
Date and time of last modification :3355667
General informatio :621.319’2 An Integrated approach/a)621.319’2/a)24 cm. b)Illustration c)776 p. a)McGraw - Hill Series in Electric Engineering.Electronics and electronic Circuits a)Includes index/a)Electric Circuits/Helwan University a)eng/ a)621.319’2/H C E/
Cataloging Source :1990090203200010.0
DDC No :a)0-07-030845-4
Personal Name :a)USA-New York b)McGraw - Hill c)1982
Publication data field :a)Hubert, Charles I. e)Author
physical descripti :a)Electric circuits ac/dc b)An Integrated approach c)Charles I. Hubert
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Language Code :080204p ua#### #####r####u100 u# #u a)Helwan Universty
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Author Name :Hubert, Charles I. / Author


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