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Publication Title Name :Banking and financial dictionary : English, French, Arabic /
Publication year :Book c 1980
Publication Address :Elassiouty, Magdi Nafed.
Main Category :Sciences
Main & Sub Category :H Social Sciences - 332 Financial economics
Vol :Finance - Banks and banking - English language - English language - Arabic language - Finance - Banks and banking
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :332/.03/21
Article Title :Banking and financial dictionary :
Statement of responsibility :compiled by Magdi Nafed El Assiouty.
Place of publication :Cairo :
Name of publisher :Distributor, Investment Trustee Dept., National Bank of Egypt,
Date of publication :c 1980 .
Publication Extent :338 p. ;
Publication Dimensions :26 cm.
Topical term :Finance / Dictionaries.
Leader :01303cam a2200325 a 4500
ISBN :11155480
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Date and time of last modification :20171103215025.0
General informatio :/ a)Cairo : b)Distributor, Investment Trustee Dept., National Bank of Egypt, c)c 1980 . a)338 p. ; c)26 cm. a)Banks and banking v)Dictionaries x)Arabic. Arabic, English, and French. Title on added t.p.: Muʻjam al-muṣṭalaḥāt al-maṣrafīyah wa-al-mālīyah. Banks and banking / Dictionaries./9)(DLC) 81960193/a)Title on added t.p.: Muʻjam al-muṣṭalaḥāt al-maṣrafīyah wa-al-mālīyah. a)Arabic, English, and French./a)Finance v)Dictionaries x)Arabic./ a)Muʻjam al-muṣṭalaḥāt al-maṣrafīyah wa-al-mālīyah. English, French, Arabic / a)81960193/ English language / Dictionaries -Arabic./a)Arabic language v)Dictionaries x)English./a)HG151 b).E4 1980 English language / Dictionaries -French. a)English language v)Dictionaries x)French./Arabic language / Dictionaries -English. Finance / Dictionaries -Arabic. Banks and banking / Dictionaries -Arabic./a)English language v)Dictionaries x)Arabic. a)Banks and banking v)Dictionaries. a)Finance v)Dictionaries./
Cataloging Source :841206s1980 ua d 000 0 eng
DDC No :a)332/.03/21 2)19
Personal Name :a)Elassiouty, Magdi Nafed.
Publication data field :a)Banking and financial dictionary : b)English, French, Arabic / c)compiled by Magdi Nafed El Assiouty.
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Language Code :a)DLC c)DLC d)DLC d)EG EULC a)engarafre
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Author Name :Elassiouty, Magdi Nafed.


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