Hospital and health services review

Publication Title Name :Hospital and health services review.
Publication year :Periodical [1982 - 1984]
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Main Category :Sciences
Main & Sub Category :R الطب - Personnel Administration
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Article Title :Hospital and health services review.
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Place of publication :London,
Name of publisher :Institute of Health Service Administrators.
Date of publication :[1982 - 1984].
Publication Extent :17 v.
Publication Dimensions :24-29 cm.
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Leader :Personnel Administration, Hospital / periodicals.
ISBN :Community Health Services / periodicals.
Original BibID :01429cas#a2200000#a#4500
Date and time of last modification :10138960
General informatio :/ a)(OCoLC)ocm01606660/ a)RA969 b)H8/ a)17 v. b)ill. ; c)24-29 cm./a)Hospital Administration x)periodicals. a)Community Health Services x)periodicals./a)eng/Institute of Health Services Management. a)Institute of Health Service Administrators./ Hospital Administration / periodicals./Institute of Health Service Administrators./ a)0308-0234 9)AKG4445HS/ a)lcd a)nsdp a)Hosp. health serv. rev. a)Hospital and health services review a)Monthly. a)v. 68- 1972- a)Ceased in 1988./a)Official organ of the Institute of Health Service Administrators./ a)Personnel Administration, Hospital x)periodicals./a)Institute of Health Services Management./a)AU a)AzTeS a)DGW a)OU a)PPC/ Hospital & health services review/a)Hospital & health services review/ a)W1 HO71QA/ t)Hospital t)Health services management x)0953-8534 w)(DLC)sn 88026772 w)(OCoLC)18149474/ a)Excerpta medica/ a)Vols. for -1988 issued by the Institute of Health Services Management./
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Personal Name :a)London, b)Institute of Health Service Administrators. c)[1982 - 1984].
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physical descripti :a)Hospital and health services review.
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Language Code :750907m19821984enkmx#p#r#####00en#0eng#d a)sn 85014212 a)MUL d)OCL d)CLU d)RCS d)AIP d)NST d)NLM d)NSD d)NST d)NNC M d)EG EULC
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