Soils and fertilizers

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Article Title :Soils and fertilizers /
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Date of publication :1980-1986.
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Topical term :Soil science - / Abstracts - -Periodicals.
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General informatio :/ a)Wallingford, Oxon [etc.] b)C.A.B. International Information Services [etc.] c)1980-1986. a)v. : b)ill. ; c)28 cm. a)Engrais et amendements - x)Bibliographie - v)Périodiques./ Soil science - / Bibliography - -Periodicals./ C.A.B. International. / Information Services. Imperial Bureau of Soil Science./a)Engrais et amendements - x)Résumés analytiques - v)Périodiques./ a)Commonwealth Bureau of Soils. a)Commonwealth Bureau of Soil Science./ Fertilizers - / Abstracts - -Periodicals./a)Pédologie - x)Bibliographie - v)Périodiques./ Fertilizers - / Bibliography - -Periodicals. a)Pédologie - x)Résumés analytiques - v)Périodiques./Pédologie - / Résumés analytiques - -Périodiques. Pédologie - / Bibliographie - -Périodiques. Engrais et amendements - / Résumés analytiques - -Périodiques. Engrais et amendements - / Bibliographie - -Périodiques./ a)Fertilizers - v)Bibliography - v)Periodicals. a)Fertilizers - v)Abstracts - v)Periodicals. a)Soil science - v)Bibliography - v)Periodicals. a)Soil science - v)Abstracts - v)Periodicals./a)0038-0792 a)Monthly. b)1976./a)Soils fert. a)V. 43, no. 1 (1980)./t|/ a)Soils and fertilizers. a)Imperial Bureau of Soil Science. t)Monthly letter./a)SERBIB/SERLOC merged record a)Vols. for 1938-47 prepared by the Imperial Bureau of Soil Science; 1948- by the Commonwealth Bureau of Soil Science; <1967-> by the Commonwealth Bureau of Soils; <1976-> by the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux; by C.A.B. International Information Services./a)Six no. a year, b)1938-/Commonwealth Bureau of Soil Science. a)Imperial Bureau of Soil Science. a)Soils and fertilizers. (Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Farnham Royal, Bucks, Eng., 1938- ) i)44-46740/a)Chemical abstracts x)0009-2258 b)-1984/a)Annual index V, 44(1981), V, 49(1986)./Commonwealth Bureau of Soils. a)C.A.B. International. b)Information Services. a)The bureau’s Bibliography of soil science, fertilizers and general agronomy, 1937/40-<1940/44> are indexes to v. 1-<7> of Soils and fertilizers./
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