Plant breeding abstracts

Publication Title Name :Plant breeding abstracts /
Publication year :Periodical 1980-1986
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Article Title :Plant breeding abstracts /
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Name of publisher :Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux etc.,
Date of publication :1980-1986.
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Topical term :Plant - / breeding - -Periodicals.
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General informatio :/ a)Farnham Royal, Eng. etc. : b)Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux etc., c)1980-1986. a)v. : b)ill. ; c)25 cm. a)Plant - x)breeding - v)Periodicals./Commonwealth Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cambridge, Eng./ a)Commonwealth Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cambridge, Eng./ a)3550-4405. a)Monthy./ smx#p#r#####0####0/ a)v.50, no. 1(jan 1980)- v. 56, no. 12 (Dec 1986)./a)Abstracts. a)Papers of plant genetics./a)Issued Jan./June 1930- by the Commonwealth Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics (called in Jan./June 1930-Oct. 1944, Imperial Bureau of Plant Genetics (for Crops Other Than Herbage)./a)0032-0803./a)Annual indexes V. 50 (Dec 1980), V. 51 (Dec 1981), V. 52, no. 12 (dec 1986)/
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