Encyclopedia of chemical technology

Publication Title Name :Encyclopedia of chemical technology.
Publication year :Book 1982
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Main Category :Engineering
Main & Sub Category :T التكنولوجيا - 660 الهندسة الكيميائية
Vol :Kemiteknik - Dictionaries - Chemical engineering - Lexikon
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :0471020710
Article Title :Encyclopedia of chemical technology.
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Place of publication :New York,
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Date of publication :1982
Publication Extent :xxvi, 950 s.
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Leader :Kemiteknik / Pv
ISBN :Dictionaries / Pv
Original BibID :01525nam 122004217ar4500
Date and time of last modification :9085654
General informatio :660.3/ 9)0471020710/ 5)Z a)TP 9 a)660.3/a)xxvi, 950 s./5)Pv a)Kemiteknik 5)Pv a)Dictionaries/Othmer, Donald F. / edt/4)edt a)Othmer, Donald F. Mans a)eng/Mark, Herman F. / edt/4)edt a)Mark, Herman F./Chemical engineering / Pv Lexikon / Pv/a)Kirk-Othmer/ 5)Pv a)Chemical engineering 5)Pv a)Lexikon/ a)660.3E/4)edt a)Kirk, Raymond Eller Kirk, Raymond Eller / edt/a)Plant-growth substances to potassium compounds a)TP 9/5)Hkal b)Hkal h)Uce(x) i)Encyclopedia, REF 5)Pv b)Pv h)KEM.BIBL/ 5)Z 8)1.1\c b)Z h)TPb/ a)Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology/7)nn 9)18 b)3. ed. c)ed. board: Herman F. Mark ... d)New York, cop. 1978-1984 k)Wiley-Interscience publication t)Encyclopedia of chemical technology w)9901390540 5)Z a)xa a b)0201070u 0 4000uu |000000 e)3/5)Pv a)x a b)0705094u 8 1001uu 0901128 e)4 5)Z 8)1.2/5)Hkal a)x a b)0403124u 8 1001uu 0901128 e)4/ 5)Z 8)1.1 a)Vol. 1-24, Suppl. vol. (Alcohol fuels to toxicology)/9)03 w)9900072863/
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DDC No :a)0471020710
Personal Name :a)New York, c)1982
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physical descripti :a)Encyclopedia of chemical technology. n)Vol. 18, p)Plant-growth substances to potassium compounds
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Language Code :980306s1982 xxu 000 0 eng c a)Z d)asucl
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