About International Journal of Business Review and Entrepreneurship

Skyline University, Nigeria takes pride in publishing scholarly ISSN registered (1115-9146) peer-reviewed Bi-annual journal entitled “International Journal of Business Review and Entrepreneurship”. The primary objective of the IJBRE journal is to strengthen the research literature in the field of business and entrepreneurship in African continent.

This journal propagates the original research works covering research domains such as research articles, case studies and reviews in the functional areas of management.

The IJBRE journal is guided by a team of dedicated editorial and advisory board members and a panel of experts from Nigeria and overseas as reviewers. The panel members contributions towards reviewing and refining the contents of the journal helps in updating the publication on a regular basis to improve the quality  and standards  and enable it to reach the Internationally acceptable norms in due course of time.

IJBRE is the open-access journal that allows the journal a greater reach to global researchers and academicians. IJBRE aims to inaugurate itself as a platform for exchanging and cross-fertilization of ideas enabling analysis and evaluation of contemporary issues and new emerging trends in business and entrepreneurship that need more focused revelation for continuous development in the body of knowledge in this field. This journal is devoted to publishing articles that will strengthen the knowledge of upcoming academic researchers and practices of industrial managerial experts that landscapes significant works that are unique and applicable in concerned areas of business and entrepreneurship. The journal expects to reach the readers from the international managerial and academic community and hopes to include politicians, engineers and entrepreneurs, and other interested members of the community around the world.

The journal enhances the body of knowledge in the fields of functional management through their research and publishing pioneering articles which are of critical importance to methodological tactics, managerial practices, and policy formulation. The journal endeavors to continue to serve the community in the field of research and development for a long time to come.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sudhakar Kota
Chief Editor