Responsibilities of Authors

  • An author is expected to be accountable for the presented data and information in their particular article along with taking the responsibility of the consequence.
  • The authors are probable to present genuine original outcome of their research, and an appropriate and relevant citation should be considered while representing the data and documenting the discussion. Authors must provide information which is comprehensible and reproducible. Supporting information such as figures and tables provided by the authors should be legible and must be reproducible precisely.
  • An author should not repeat any previous research data from anyone else while submitting an original manuscript for a primary publication in IJBRE journal.
  • Authors should strictly adhere to the authorship guidelines of IJBRE. All listed authors must have made a significant contribution to the research presented in the manuscript and approved all its claims.
  • Any person to be considered as an author of an original research article must have contributed in any of the following ways – design and methodology of the study, actively taken part in experiments, one of the main part in analyzing the data, supported in documenting the article and drawing the conclusion. It is mandatory to include everyone who made a significant contribution towards the completion of the research work.
  • Any pecuniary or private agency funding the research must be clearly stated in the copyright details.

Responsibilities of Editors

  • The Editors should screen and remove the names and details of the author or his affiliations with the institution from the manuscript before sending it to the reviewer and maintain complete confidentiality at all and in all circumstances and at no point should reveal the identity of the author(s).
  • The Editors must select the appropriateness of the reviewers based on their expertise before sending it for review.
  • The editors monitors the operations and manages the meeting of deadlines by associates and reviewers of the journal to ensure timely release of the issue.
  • Adopt impartial selection process of articles based on reviewer’s recommendations for publication.
  • Detect any clarifications needed in the reviewer’s report and seek corrections if necessary in the report before finalizing the selection of the article.
  • In-case of conflicting reports by the reviewers, the editor takes an opinion from the 3rd reviewer before finalizing the selection of the article for publication.
  • Attach the reviewer’s evaluation review report forms and the timelines for the submission of the report.
  • The Editor will indemnify that the review process is completed in a timely manner and that authors receive constructive comment about papers submitted.
  • Reviewing and deciding upon submitted manuscripts to ensure timely flow of the publication.
  • Ensuring peer review and other related publication assignments are sent to qualified reviewers by evaluating their expertise, suitability and relevance to the subject matter.
  • Acting as a representative for the journal, authorizing content and filing submission enquires as appropriate.
  • The editor reviews all articles and snapshots for accuracy as well as potential vilification and provides suggestions for any changes to be incorporated before the publication.
  • Responsibility for the academic quality of the Journal and ensuring that it represents the full extensiveness of the aims and objectives of the IJBRE.
  • The editor engenders ideas for new ways of doing things differently, like using new technology, implementing ways to increase readership and how to utilize new media.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

  • The Reviewer should acknowledge the receipt of the article for review along with this intent to evaluate or his inability due to prior engagements.
  • The Reviewer shall submit the reviewer’s evaluation report within 30 days from the receipt of the article.
  • Reviewer should evaluate the manuscript based on content of the manuscript without asking information about the identity of the author and it remains confidential.
  • Provide additional information in case the reviewer recommends for the manuscript is not accepted for publication.
  • Fill in the review evaluation report form to indicate the relative strengths or weaknesses of the paper.
  • Once the paper is reviewed and assessed its quality, the reviewer need to make a recommendation to the editor regarding publication. Should it be accepted? Revised and resubmitted? Rejected pending revision? Supply some comments suitable for transmission to the author as a chance to seek clarification on any unclear points and for further explanation.
  • The review should respect the targeted deadlines for submission of evaluated report in order to avoid exposing the whole process of manuscript evaluation.

Responsibilities of Designing / Publishing Department

  • Acknowledge the receipt of the journal content
  • Provide support for editors and the designated officials in completing the journal publication.
  • Suggest in improving the quality and the visualization of the journal in designing, layout and print quality
  • Honor confidentiality of all concerned
  • Safeguard intellectual property and copyright of the journal
  • Timely completion of the task assigned and submit error-free draft for final printing