1. The structure of the research paper should contain the Title, Abstract with keywords, Introduction, Review of Literature, Research Gap, Objective of the Study, Methodology, Analysis, Findings, Recommendations and Conclusions. All references listed should be indicated clearly at the end of the paper after conclusion and must follow APA style. 
  2. The manuscripts should be in Calibri Format. Manuscript must be 1.5 spaced with 1 inch margins all sides, Calibri Font Size of 10.
  3. The maximum number of manuscript should not exceed more than 10 pages.
  4. In case of empirical and experimental research, each table and diagram should be appropriately numbered and sources for the same should be given clearly under the table.
  5. All relevant Tables, Charts, Graphs, Diagrams should be in black and white and should be inserted in the text only.
  6. The author's name should not be cited anywhere except the first page of the paper. 
  7. All authors of the paper should enclose the copyright form and all particulars must be filled such as Author's profile covering his/her Name, Designation, University / Institution name, E-Mail ID, Mobile No. and Address for Communication with their signature.
  8. To enable the publisher to protect the copyright of the journal, authors must send a signed copy of the declaration and copyright form.
  9. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers and in case of conflicting report, a 3rd reviewer will be considered. After manuscript review and adjustment the decisions about publication will be made by the Editorial board members and the authors will be informed through mail. Accepted manuscripts will become the property of the International Journal of Business Review and Entrepreneurship.
  10. The review process for evaluating submitted research paper usually takes 30 days from the date of acknowledgment of receiving your paper is sent to you. The status of revision / acceptance / rejection of your paper will be intimated to you by E-mail within 45 days of the submission.
  11. All articles received in IJBRE will have an ID Number issued to the corresponding author. For all further communications the corresponding authors should cite this ID Number along with title of the research paper.