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Amazon Kindle – Ebook Reader the University Library

Librarians are required to investigate new information and communication technologies as they are introduced to the market to see if library users would find them beneficial. One illustration of modern technology is the e-book reader. Despite being available ever since the RocketBook made its debut in 1998, portable e-book readers have only recently become widely accepted by the general public. Amazon’s Kindle, a portable e-book reader it created and debuted in 2007, met the demands of the digital public and provided the company with a chance to boost sales of trade and other publications.

Users of Amazon Kindle devices may browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital content from the Kindle Store using wireless networking. Borrowing now includes digital options that further expand your reading possibilities with the inclusion of e-books. This includes the Kindle devices from Amazon, which have dominated the market as many people’s preferred e-book readers. If you have a Kindle, whether it be an E Ink reader like the Kindle Paperwhite or base Kindle, an Amazon tablet like the Kindle Fire HD, or even the Kids Edition, you can borrow Kindle e-books. E-books can also be borrowed by users of the Kindle app for PCs, Macs, and other mobile devices.


As with every technology advancement, libraries must decide whether and how to integrate e-books designed for specialized hardware, such as the Kindle, into their current operations and services. E-book readers have started to become available in libraries for loan to patrons. The purchasing of e-book readers has an impact on collection development, acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation regulations and practices.

At the moment, the library at Skyline University Nigeria has Kindle books. The Library’s electronic books are almost all available as Kindle-compatible PDF files. You cannot download an entire book in pdf format, but you may download individual chapters. E-readers and libraries both have the basic effect of attracting customers, even if those customers may choose to read in a different technological environment.


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Mr. Abdulqawiyya Mustapha CLN is a Library Assistant at Skyline University Nigeria Library. He has a B.A Library Information & Science from Bayero University Kano (BUK).

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