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Five Writing Techniques That Will Pay You

Developing writing skills is germane to the advancement of language skills or wherewithal. Writing is the ability to document creative, academic, or imaginary ideas through scripting. Although hundreds of millions of people are still unable to read and write, humanity relies on writing to an unprecedented extent (Coulmas, 2004). Scholars allude to the writing culture in three major areas. They are Mesopotamia, China and Mesoamerica (Schmandt-Besserat and Erard, 2008). However, since civilization, different countries have adopted the culture of writing to document their historical and sociocultural realities.

There are five distinctive writing techniques that writers use to communicate their thoughts and creative ideas and make good money. They include:

  1. Narrative writing
  2. Analytical writing
  3. Expository writing
  4. Persuasive writing 
  5. Argumentative writing

Narrative writing is a text type that is used to tell captivating, enlightening or didactic. Narrative writings are presented in the past tense form because it relays what happens in the past. Popular narrative writings include autobiographies, biographies, memoirs and fictional stories

Analytical writing is a form of writing which entails the presentation of logical or critical ideas about a topic or scenario. Analytical writing is expected to go beyond vivid descriptions about a subject matter but captures objective notions of the writer based on deep intellectual ruminations.

Expository writing is a technique of writing used to expose relatively unknown ideas to the readers. Expository writing more often than not, exposes readers to the nitty-gritty of a subject matter, topic or situation.

Persuasive writing is a technique of writing which entails the use of emotive languages and interpersonal tones to ensure people take action or step about a particular subject matter. Persuasive writing is often used to fan the embers of commitment to a particular cause or objective. Persuasive writing is a technique often used in advertorials.

Argumentative writing is a technique of writing which involves argumentation. It is often used when there is a notion to buttress or confute. Argumentative writing is used when the writer wants to convince or realign the readers to particular thought or notion.

All writing techniques require investigation, data collection, diligent research and evaluation of evidence. Hence the development of writing skills is a delicate process that can only be achieved through conscious and dedicated efforts. Impeccable writing skills is not a day’s job because it needs to be cultivated or developed through constant practice, comprehension of writing techniques and acquisition of writing style.


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Mr. Adelokun Adetunji Oluwapelumi is a Lecturer II at the School of Art, Management and Social Science, Skyline University Nigeria. He has a Master of Arts Degree in English Literature from the University of Ibadan. 

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