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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Day-To-Day Life


Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes our life more efficient and excellent. AI controls and gives numerous directions which make a difference to us to do each day’s work more brilliantly, such as interfacing with companions, utilizing emails, or utilizing internet management more smoothly. In reality, counterfeit insights can be utilized by numerous individuals from morning to evening. Here is how AI plays an important role in our daily lives. 

AI technology in Face ID

Smartphones are used in the workplace daily and when the gadget gets opened, utilizing biometrics such as Confront ID allowed the device to scan and capture facial recognition. Apple’s Confront ID can see in 3D. It lights up our faces and places 30,000 imperceptible infrared specks on it to capture a picture. AI machine learning calculates and compares the filter of the face with what it has on its database to decide in case the individual attempting to open the phone is you or not.

Social media

After opening the phones, numerous individuals will check their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, for available messages or information about recent happenings. The AI is working behind the scenes to personalize what we see on our phones and, make recommendations on other areas of interest based on our search history. AI is also working to anticipate cybercrimes, the world over.

Email message

We utilize AI instruments such as Grammarly and spell check enact when we compose an email. This tool helps us to draft messages free from mistakes. For language structure adjustment, individuals can utilize AI and NLP advances. It also helps to identify emails that are suspected as spam or recognize a mail as something the recipient would like to get in their inbox.

Google search

Most individuals can’t go a day without looking out for something in Google search engine. Most of the search engines are not filtering the complete web to give what individuals need without the use of AI innovation. In terms of online advertisements such as running an ad, the advertisements will be posted by utilizing AI innovation based on our past search results and used to evaluate the clients’ interest in purchasing items they need. The AI calculations will be working cleverly and fulfilling the user’s requirements.

Digital Voice Assistants

Digital voice assistance has rapidly improved our lives in many ways. The Voice-based assistance is making a difference in innovation utilizing NLP highlight to execute verbal commands. Utilizing this innovation, the gadgets can e used to create e-mail messages or typical messages. Voice-based instruments like Siri, Alexa, Google Collaborator, and Cortana utilizes verbal commands in AI innovation.

Smart Home Devices

Most individuals utilize Smart Home Devices to control domestic gadgets like electronic home appliances. In some of the houses, devices like the IOT innovation are used to oversee the gadgets to work exceptionally. Nowadays most people are beginning to delve into using these innovations to control all their home gadgets exceptionally, allowing them to be routed through the web for the proficiency of control.


Google maps and other travel apps utilize AI innovation to screen activity to grant us real-time traffic and climate conditions as per the travel destinations. AI Programmes are built-in cars interior and it is associated with all the car sensors to get input from Google Road. The AI copies human discernments and helps them to make choices as per their travel destinations and route.


There are many ways artificial intelligence is installed in banking applications. AI mostly monitor and controlled highly secured transactions to avoid and find scams. AI will give alert messages if any dopiest transactions are made by the user through mobiles. It will give low balance indications and will not disburse money to such command. AI is working behind every transaction and gives continuous alert messages to the customers. Also, when paying the amount, it verifies the card details of a valid transaction to protect the transaction from unauthenticated persons

Amazon Recommendations

The Biggest online retailer, Amazon is attracting people using AI technologies to observe the users’ transactions and their likes, dislikes, etc. through their transaction history. The AI algorithms are used to track the customer’s needs, displaying customers’ likes through ads and giving recommendations on their purchases. Some other popular online retailers such as Zuma, Flipkart, and Alibaba offer prices to their products to attract customers and increase their revenues by using predictive analysis algorithms to minimize customers’ transactions, to attract and give fastest delivery to the customers

Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hot Star

Netflix and other online streaming platforms are using AI to help subscribers see movies of choice. These platforms are using AI technology algorithms to give recommendations based on past viewing history. Also, these platforms give suggestions on movie recommendations based on the customer’s likes. The users can continue watching from where they previously left off. 


Our daily lifestyle is subconsciously tied to the use of AI technology. It’ll be very difficult to support most of our day-by-day schedules without the assistance of AI.



Dr. A. Senthilkumar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the current Dean of the School of Science and Information Technology (SSIT) in Skyline University Nigeria. He has completed his Ph.D. in Computer Applications in June 2017 from Manonmaniam Sundarnar University, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.

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