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M.Sc. Mass Communication

A Postgraduate degree in Mass Communication is premised on the belief that Mass Communication should be the tool for popular enlightenment and social transformation. This is to be achieved through high-quality advanced media instruction and the pursuit of high-quality media research, training and professional excellence. Consequently, the postgraduate programme in Mass Communication is to be the centre of quality media education, training and research that can produce a high calibre of media graduates who are well equipped to man the media industry, both in the print, the electronic media, as well as media adjuncts such as advertising and public relations.

The goals of M.Sc. Mass Communication at SUN are:

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the theories, concepts and practices in the field of mass communication, including media studies, journalism, public relations, advertising and digital media.
  • To acquire advanced research and analytical skills necessary to conduct in-depth studies and investigations in various areas of mass communication, enabling students to contribute to the field through original research and critical analysis.
  • To foster ethical and professional values in mass communication, promoting responsible and accountable communication practices that uphold principles of truth, accuracy, fairness and transparency.
  • To enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in relation to the challenges and opportunities presented by contemporary media landscapes, both locally and globally.
  • To explore the impact of mass communication on the society, including its role in shaping public opinion, influencing cultural values, fostering civic engagement and promoting social change.
  • To promote a global outlook by examining mass communication practices in different cultural and regional contexts, fostering intercultural understanding and preparing students to work in diverse and multicultural environments.

The objectives of a Postgraduate degree programme in Mass Communication are to:

  • Enable graduates to acquire advanced skills and competence in media research, theory and practice.
  • Train skilled manpower for educational institutions and professional media organizations in both the public and private sectors, as well as international organizations.
  • Enable graduates to acquire entrepreneurial skills in media and public relations to enable them to become self-employed.
  • Train graduates to develop the ability for critical judgment through a broad knowledge of theoretical and practical issues in media work.
  • Produce graduates who are equipped with relevant skills in the production of quality newspapers/magazines, advertising/public relations campaign materials and electronic media, video jingles and docudrama using modern technology, including ICT.
  • Train graduates in special communication areas such as – behaviour-change communication for documents, political communication and multi-media journalism.