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5 Common Problems Affecting Students Academic Performance

Apart from skills and experiences, academic performance is one of the factors considered by employers in hiring staff for their respective organizations. The staff will be responsible for the organization’s development and overall growth. Students have to put in much effort in their studies to obtain good grades and prepare themselves for future opportunities in the workplace environment. But there are certain common problems affecting students’ academic performance. Five of these problems includes:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Having Poor Sleep Habits
  • Skipping Classes
  • Unable to balance social and academic life
  • Procrastination

University can make you feel overwhelmed with the requirements of life (Friends, daily pressure of campus life, texting and talking as well as socializing). You should not let this go for long. Consider talking to someone, seeking advice from a professional to help you organize, prioritize and manage the pressure being placed on you.

You can become ineffective in your work in school as an undergraduate student because of poor sleeping habits. The effect of sleep deprivation on your health can challenge your current study as well as your physical and mental health.

The temptation to skip classes may be high at times, but when you do this, you will likely spend your money gathering information given during class times and you will not receive the benefit of the instruction as well as information regarding grading, future assignments, and opportunities outside the classroom. you may also be failing to spend time with professors and classmates who may, upon graduation, become part of a valuable network. 

While college promotes both social as well as academic experience, these must be balanced to maximize success in both areas. procrastinating may have been an acceptable exercise in Secondary/High school but will likely become a challenge in the university.

When we do not get to know and spend time with classmates, professors, and other academic advisors, we lack support and a place to go for ideas and answers when a problem does arise.