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6th CEO Lecture Series – Business Expert advises SUN Students to Develop Necessary Skills as Watchword for Business Growth

Business Expert and Guest speaker at the recently held 6th CEO Guest Lecture Series of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), Dr. Vijay Kumar, the Deputy Managing Director of KEDCO, has advised students of the university desirous of owning businesses and other venture to develop the necessary skills required in the business environment. He made this assertion on Thursday, 1st April 2020.

The Guest Lecturer series, organized by the Corporate Affairs Department of the university, brought the importance of maintaining relevant skills, networks and goals of the business world to the students. Dr. Vijay who delivered a lecture titled ‘Emerging Trends in Business, said most business opportunities would grow based on one’s skills, attitude and approach. According to him, your attitude proves the kind of exposure you have had and how well you will manage business relationships.

He added further that many business ventures went unnoticed because the owners lacked the relevant skills needed to drive profitability. He outlined the skills as leadership, teamwork and delegation, presentation, problem-solving, persuasion and negotiation. He noted that businesses are associated with worries, anxiety and pressure. However, through meditation, strategic planning and thinking, one could successfully reach their short or long term goals as per their business plan.

On educational qualification, Dr. Vijay stated that there is an unhealthy competition on getting great grades at school. He noted that less emphasis is placed on developing the necessary skillset needed in the business environment. “There is no denying that the business environment is congested with so many businesses, but on customer and market focus – 10 percent advantage is given to qualification and the remaining 90 percent to skills, approach and attitude”.

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, Prof. Ajith Kumar V.V, welcomed all the students and guest to the 6th CEO Guest Lecturer Series. He commended the guest speaker for making out time to come amidst his busy work schedule. He also thanked the members of faculty, staff, students and guest for their contribution to the reality of the day’s event. “This kind of event is important for the business and non-business students who have an entrepreneurial mind to know how to manage own business” the VC added.

The 6th CEO Guest lecture series featured lots of participants from the university, including the Director of Academic Support Service, Ms. Sarada Maganti, the Head of Corporate Affairs, Engr. Bashir Garba, the Event Coordinator, Ms. Nafisa Inuwa, Members of the Marketing/Media Team, amongst others.

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