Skyline University Nigeria

A Highlight of CEO Guest Lecture Series at Skyline University

In a bid to foster a creative learning environment, and enrich students’ personal development and the prospects of entrepreneurship, Skyline University Nigeria held a ‘CEO Guest Lecture Series’, to expose students to the successes of professionals. Mr. Femi Iromini, the CEO of ‘Moni’ spent a qualitative time sharing significant and helpful insights on the essentials of entrepreneurship, as the driving force for youth development not only in Nigeria but around the world.

His lecture titled ‘Public Enlightenment on Creation of Wealth’, was specially designed and delivered to captivate the minds of youths and motivate them with inspiration from his experiences with wealth creation as a business professional and CEO. In his words, “There are multiple ways that youths can access to become prosperous in their distinct fields of endeavor. Regardless of their businesses and life goals, wealth creation remains paramount and there are always ways to improve on that”.

For Mr. Femi, ‘Students at Skyline University are blessed with bountiful opportunities to realize their monetary goals among others. The digital space available allows for networking and supports the exploration of wealth creation. This alone places the students above their equals.’ He further explained that the 21st century is transforming rapidly, and youths will have to keep up with global demands to remain relevant.

While making his remarks, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President of Skyline University, Haruna Lawan Baffa, expressed his utmost gratitude to the management of the University for inviting Mr. Femi to talk on a very topical issue, especially for the youths. He said that a large number of youths are rushing to acquire wealth without the knowledge and principles of wealth creation, at a time when the business of online currency dealings is booming.

Mr. Haruna then appealed to the management to invite more people who have excelled in various entrepreneurial businesses to help students tailor their careers in the right direction, which will also help equip students with the right information.

The series ended with a tour around the compelling campus of Skyline University Nigeria with Mr. Femi and his team, led by Dr. Sudha Mavuri, the Dean of the School of Arts and Management Sciences (SAMSS), and Mr. Haruna.