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AI and the Future of Higher Education

It is no more news that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over our day-to-day activities. From medical operations to agricultural activities, manual labour in companies, and learning, AI-supported technologies are rapidly revamping daily routines in virtually all fields of endeavour. Machines and robots are replacing what human beings can do efficiently and faster.

Hence, there’s a need to be a part of the early adopters in embracing these current tech developments. Failure to accept these techs will only stagnate our professional and personal development. With the dwindling economies globally, people and students who are oblivious to these innovations would be harmed as the demands of AI users will be high.

In education particularly, the sector is consistently being bombarded with the creation of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported search engines and helpers that accelerate research, learning, and the development of new knowledge.

When it comes to the production of new knowledge, researchers now have a variety of AI instruments that can aid their research processes with minimal errors and maximum results, since they can understand and generate results like humans.

Chat GPT (Generative Pretraining Transformer) is one of the famous AI tools that is gaining recognition in the world of Higher Education. It can search for unique researchable topics and includes many available options that will align perfectly with the researcher’s quests in case he or she has a single research option. This ability saves a lot of time and energy that would be channelled towards selecting a researchable topic that would meet all the criteria of research.

More so, it offers the availability to be on track while carrying out your research task or assignments or projects. Chat GPT has read thousands of books and articles, so it never gets dull of providing answers whenever it is asked. And, you have a lot of other exciting tools you can explore as you navigate your way around your career during your higher education.

For literature searches, you can use research rabbit or connected papers. There, you’d find numerous publications relating to your field of study and these will save you a lot of stress of sifting through a humongous amount of journals and books in the libraries.

As a student in higher education institution, you would also be needing support with editing because you would be challenged by grammar issues. Hence, Grammarly and Quillbot are there to enhance your written texts by highlighting your grammatical inconsistencies with alternative suggestions. These will greatly improve your projects while enriching our vocabularies and knowledge. These are just a few of the available AI support tools that are available to support higher education learning.

There are available smartboards and Alexa Chatbot options for teaching in classrooms. These tools are now in use around world-class universities and some universities in Nigeria. Skyline University Nigeria uses these smartboards and Alexa Chatbots in its library to support a fruitful learning experience for students. This is very important as the methods expose them to contemporary styles of pedagogies similar to what is obtainable around the world.

The recent AI transformation comes at a critical time when new knowledge is in demand every day. Since higher education is the bedrock of the production of new knowledge, it has to be at the forefront of championing the use and promoting the accessibility of AI tools. All sectors of human life are being engulfed by these recent technologies and for youths to remain relevant in a tech-driven world, higher education must incorporate AI tools in teaching and learning.

In the coming years, Higher Education would benefit immensely from AI because it will simplify the methods of teaching and learning. It will help youths to efficiently pursue their careers with relative ease.

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