Answers to Admissions Questions – Skyline University Nigeria

Answers to Admissions Questions – Skyline University Nigeria

Selecting the right Programmes/courses at the right university is one of the most important aspects of a student’s admissions process. With the admissions process now going online, it has become much easier to apply and get an offer without necessarily visiting the university.

However, many applicants may still find it difficult especially in contacting admissions officials to help them find the right choice, why they should choose it if it’s offered in the intended institution and how much it costs. Luckily, we are here to help you with the information needed to obtain admissions at Skyline University Nigeria. Here is an overview of our current Programmes and application process with specific information for each step along the way.

Available Programmes 2019/2020

We run an admission system where programmes close once all slots have been filled. When possible, we inform applicants in progress that a programme has reached limited availability but advice are always available for substituted programmes and applications. Programmes currently available are BSc Economics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Business & Administration, Accounting, Mass Communication, International Relations, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Computer Science & Information Systems, Biology, Geology, Bio-Chemistry, Physics with Electronics, Microbiology and Software Engineering.

Convenient Electronic Application

Skyline University Nigeria is unique, in that you can apply for courses and programmes online via the university’s website with one simple clique at This website processes the application for all of the institutions’ programmes at all levels. This step will also require applicants to fill out the application forms, pay up application fees, upload required/supporting documents (WAEC/NECO results, JAMB results, PRIMARY SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE etc.). Once the application is made and received, applicants will get a follow-up mail/phone call, confirming their application and the list of next step.

Review of Application

Once the application is confirmed by the SUN Admissions Committee, your application will then be cross-checked in several steps. This process can take some time because of the number of applications received. Each programme at skyline University Nigeria has its admission scheme. The admissions committee takes your transcript and other documentation then make a decision. If you wrote and passed the UTME exams, we will receive this information automatically. It is based on that that the committee makes its decisions.

Notification Time

If you apply late with Skyline University Nigeria, we would assess you based on the above review process but it’s better to make an early application for early notification of your admissions status. Early application/notices of admission will also allow students to relax, knowing that they have already gained admission to a university and take a few more months to make their decisions about moving in and accommodation.

Payments & Deadline

Once the selection results have been published and admission letter is issued, applicants will get another email/phone call reminder to make and confirm tuition payments. If you fail to reply or make payments before the deadline, you will lose your place until another session.

Please note that the admissions process may take several weeks. Replies to inquiries can sometimes take several days, especially during key periods in the application process. Your patience is appreciated.
If you have further questions, contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +2348181111113.