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Are You Doing Enough to Stay Focus on Your Academic Goals?

New beginnings aren’t always as difficult as we think they are if we learn to master how to stay focus on our goal settings. Remember when we all had to go into the lockdown early last year due to the closure of educational institutions at all grade levels across Nigeria? Well, the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused many changes in the way higher education students lived and study as well as affecting their academic goals in profound ways. While a lot of students struggled to remain focused on their goals, others lost momentum and failed to make the progress they desire. Yet, others excelled beyond the set goals.

We can blame it on distractions such as technology, the lockdown, COVID-19, and say that’s the reason we had a hard time concentrating on our goals and forgetting that distractions will always be part of our daily lives. So, if we are not achieving our goals, it is not always the problem of the outside forces. As students, we can always find a way to manage these distractions and continue to stay focused on achieving quality goals.

In understanding these challenges on distractions, we at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) understands that, though it may be difficult to stay on track and keep focused. For these reasons, the below points will guide you to make plans which will make focusing on your goals a lot easier. By implementing these plans, you can be more motivated and determined to make progress towards your academic goals, to see that you complete them.

Narrow Your List

Some goals can be cumbersome and difficult to achieve within the speculated timeline. For example, it is easier to study to make a first-class degree, when your goals are aimed for second class upper. Ideally, this will motivate you from getting anything lower. It is also easier to manage a subject at a time than managing more than one at a given time and trying hard to digest each. Doing this will mean you are spreading yourself too thin and may end up losing your motivation.

Get a study partner that is committed

When events around you keep changing and remained unclear, get a committed partner that will work with you relentlessly to achieve your goals. Such a partner could be a classmate, a friend. These group of people usually have common interest with your academic goals. This approach is best if the goals are not too personal or confidential. Telling people whom you trust about your goals will make you feel more accountable. Ideally, these people will support you and encourage you when distractions arise. They will as well celebrate with you when you succeed in your goals.

Work with Smart Goals

Another point is to work out a systematic game plan that can help you achieve your goals easily. Hence the need for smart goals, allocating your priority and tasks to pursue what is important to you the most. For example, you can set your semester schedule with corresponding test/exams dates inserted and marked with a deadline. Against this schedule, you can mark your time one week and showing class lecture for the respective week on the following: extracurricular activities, home assignments, note-taking & note-making of new lesson for the next day, private tuition (if any), revision and test/exam preparative study.

Reward yourself

When you complete your academic goals it is important to reward yourself for this achievement. Look back over your accomplishments and enjoy the satisfaction that success brings.