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Bachelor’s in Nursing or Accounting, Which Should I Accept

Both Nursing and Accounting as a course in the university can indeed give promising careers. While Nursing belongs to the field of clinical science and helps a range of patients with different illnesses, accounting requires more math to help companies position themselves financially. Although both courses would require strong math skills, an accounting degree demands a more mathematical mind. For those contemplating amongst these 2 degrees available at Skyline University Nigeria, Let’s see which of these courses is best for your acceptance.

Accounting offers the chance to be forward-thinking to project how a corporation can best leverage its assets for growth. With accounting, the main target is more historical – analyzing performance and using that information to enhance a company’s financial position. Looking at the main points about where a corporation has been, its current financial state, and using that information to tell business decisions about the longer a larger business goal.

Career opportunities in accounting have similarly expansive options, including working for public accounting firms or within accounting departments at companies. These roles include accounts payable, payroll, book of account, and financial analysis, contributing to budget planning and strategic planning with in-depth knowledge of a business’s financial position. Others include Fund Accountancy, Cost Estimator, Forensic Accountant, Real Estate Appraiser, Tax Accountant, Tax Attorney, Accounting Clerk, etc.

Prospective nurses can focus on specialized areas of medicine for their projected job growth. They include Nurse-midwifery, Anesthetist who provides patients with anesthesia for surgery and assist in caring for individuals during their time in the operating room; Nurses educators that provide combine teaching with clinical expertise to design, evaluate, and implement education Programmes for nurses in schools, universities, and colleges; Nurse practitioners who provide primary and specialty care, often working in collaboration with doctors, etc.

The classes required for these degrees also are distinctly different. Accounting involves classes in accounting practices, ethics, business law, tax, audit, and accounting theory. If you major in accounting, you may take classes about macroeconomics, money and banking, investments, financial markets, institutions etc. Many people with an accounting degree pursue careers in investments, banking, and insurance.

Nursing on the other hand focuses on classes such as Nursing Fundamentals, Physiology, Introduction to Psychology, Microbiology, Psychology Mental Health, Pharmacology, Women and Infant Health, as well as Leadership Management.

Yes, Nursing and accounting are interesting courses to study. Their acceptance are widely sort after in the marketplace.