Back to school and Anxious? We Have You Covered

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This fall semester 2020/2021 session, as new/returning students of Skyline University Nigeria arrived on campus, many new students may be less familiar with COVID-19 safety measures on the university campus. Apart from the academics and extra-curricular activities associated with learning, some of these safety measures, such as regular hand washing/frequent use of sanitizers, keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from others and wearing a mask will continue to be some of the most important things students can do to stay safe, while they pursue their career studies.

So, across the SUN campus, for different reasons, students returning to campus this semester have nothing to panic about if they will obey all inscriptions and signage in the university campus.

No face mask no entry

Entry Only

Exit Only

Thank you for practicing a safe distance

Only five (5) persons allowed at one time in any of the lifts

No smoking allowed within the university campus

We appeal to all students to adhere to the various signs on campus