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Best Way to have fun while you study? – Play listing Your Checklist

Where many undergraduate students around the world feel they need to listen to music (playlist) while they read or study, believing it helps them concentrate better, others find music incredibly distracting and can function without it during work or study.

The checklist is all about taking steps to reach an already identified outcome in your university study time, while the playlist is the approach to implementing an outcome. A checklist keeps you on track and many people used it to prepare for studies. Playlist ensures the process goes smoothly.

Several studies have shown that students who listen to music (playlist) while completing tasks (Checklist) such as reading, and writing tend to be less efficient and may not absorb much information compared to those who don’t listen to music. They may struggle to process the lyrics and focus on their course works at the same time. Basically, multitasking.

This study also proves that students who use music to help them memorize often find it hard to recall the information later as the test is taken in a silent environment. Information recall has been proven to be more effective when it’s done in a similar environment like the one it was memorized in.

Another theory suggests that although listening to music might not increase a student’s intelligence, it could help students have fun and study well. This theory affirms that students who listen to a lecture while soft music is played in the background perform better on a quiz when compared to those who go through the lecture without music. Therefore, background music puts students at ease, making them more receptive to information.

Whatever the perception of these two schools of thought, it is important to note that people are different, opinions and preferences differ. If you find listening to music a distraction while you study or work, then it’s best to ignore your playlist during your study time. However, if you find it relaxing and that it puts you in a pleasant mode, then try playing soothing music in the background with/without lyrics so it doesn’t distract you or prevent you from studying efficiently through your checklist.

Whether listening to music during study or not helps you memorize better, we can all agree that listening to music can make us a happier person. Music that is relaxing also helps students reduce stress and anxiety thus leading to a more efficient study. When you’re stuck but ready to get back into action consider play listing your checklist.