Skyline University Nigeria

Busting the myth about Students’ Life in Skyline University Nigeria

Most students seeking admission into Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) have many things assumed about students’ life in the university and many of them are simply a myth. Several myths about students’ life seemed mind-blowing for pre-varsity hopefuls. While some believe that a university is a place where you get a lot of free time, attend parties at will, make a lot of friends to hang out with etc. for others, given the level of study and social engagements, students are usually only involved in a triangular life. i.e, from the lecture rooms to the hostels and social gathering (Religious and circular), etc. Information gathered from a student of Skyline University Nigeria, will drop a few bombshells and hopefully provide answers to questions about students’ life in the university.

According to Aisha Zannah, a 200 level student of Mass Communication, “I am in my second year and the workload is a lot higher than my 100 level courses. I already completed courses for the semester through virtual learning, which allowed students to partake in several virtual training and seminars with local and foreign institutions of higher learning, as well as the guest lecture series for students seeking to build a career in entrepreneurship. Before the lockdown, I am often found in the university’s library but now I spent most of my time studying through the university’s e-library while also being engaged at home with taking care of domestic chores. Students’ life in Skyline is filled with studies, seminars, social events like Fresher’s party, etc”.

“Acquiring a degree is not the only aspect of a students’ life that is important. It is important to have fun too. I find that going to the university’s sports complex, recreational zones and partaking in social events, has helped me to relax after a long day of taking lectures”.

“Once the week has started, there is no better way for me to start the weekend other than spending time with friends at the student’s clubs. Each week, there is always something different to do. Either in Orators club, the Programmemers club, etc. but my favourite place to be after a long day of lectures is the recreational zone. Apart from soft background music and relaxation spot, the zone is also filled with nonstop activities from video games, snooker, table tennis, fussball etc which usually ends with plenty of laughs and excitement”.

“Saturdays are my planning days. I like to plan my schedule for the coming week and write new weekly goals, things I would like to accomplish for at least the semester. I normally take care of my assignments, follow-up on things I haven’t completed in the previous week”.

“For me, each week is different, there is always something happening in the university, from training to boost my career skills, students club competition, academic excursion, workshops, seminars or sports competitions. I am always open to try new things and go to different events each week. I love the university campus environment, the trees and green grasses make spending time on campus worthwhile”.