Skyline University Nigeria

Busting the Myths About Students Entrepreneurship

Most students are often made to believe that entrepreneurs are born and not made, or that universities drop out make better entrepreneurs. This is widely because the term entrepreneurship has been associated with tech giants like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, amongst other successful business people who have been listed as college dropouts.

Such beliefs have continued to work against many University students and graduates in Africa who could have managed to work out their own start-ups instead of looking for jobs, people who could be taking on financial risks in the hope to make a profit. People who could identify a problem and solve the problem with a business idea, test the idea and reach financial stability.

In universities, entrepreneurship is thought of as the activity involved in setting up a business, while taking on financial risks in the hope to make a profit. As a students entrepreneur, in addition to developing a mindset of innovation and financial risk-taking initiatives, students are advised to look out for qualified lecturers and trainers who are motivated to work with them on projects that are likely to transform their ideas into start-ups.

In order to succeed as a students entrepreneur, there is a need to join a university that transcends quality teaching and awarding of degrees and certificates not only in academics but in creativity, ideas building, and initiative development. For students entrepreneurs to flourish, therefore, universities should be ready to support students turn their ideas into physical products and services.