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Career Building Tools for Graduate Success

It’s a common trait that when you hang out with people long enough, you tend to become like them. Therefore, if you continue to hang out with smart people, who make important decisions, it will ultimately affect your decisions and eventually, you’ll start acting smart too. On the university campus, it is important to interact with other students and staff to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Here are three tips to guide you.

Use Your Campus Routine to Build Connection

One of the most valuable assets when it comes to building professional contact and connections is in the level of students’ engagement with professors and classmates. Professors, for example, may offer valuable industry insight and advice to students who may land a good job tomorrow. Such students who in turn may share professors with links of job openings for promising students who could take up the role. By engaging with your professors and students alike, it keeps your name in the back of their minds when these questions arise.

Be Involved in Campus Activities

People usually ignore the importance of getting involved with on-campus activities, particularly how it relates to making valuable contact. Getting involved in campus activities such as students clubs, signing up for a campus blog/newsletter, or even volunteering in library services is a sure way to make new friends and perhaps beef up your network. It also helps you to connect with other students, Guest speakers, mentors and advisers.

Your Campus has a Students’ Centre, Take Advantage of it

Universities students’ centres can become an interesting place to connect with fellow students. Typically you will find open internships opportunity, learn about upcoming volunteer jobs, get free career advice, get a tip on how to build an online presence/network etc. Company representatives usually have a relationship with the career center officer, in some cases, through the Corporate Affairs office or students services. You can get to know them, have conversations, share your career visions and receive free consulting about what is trending in the industry.

Finally, it’s imperative to note that making connections with students and professors alike will need to be maintained. When you meet some people for the first time, it’s important to develop that connection. A simple email will indicate that you value the time spent talking with them. This will show that you value the conversations.