Skyline University Nigeria

Check-ins From Holiday to Semester

There are certain places that every undergraduate knows very well. These places include the campus library, the lecture classes, the restaurants, the sports facilities, the places of worship, etc. Collectively, some called it ‘The triangular Life’. In the first few feeks after the holiday hits, some students forget their academic routines because it’s easy to become lazy when there is so much rest. Do not let the holidays lay to waste. Here are some things you can do differently before you check in back to campus:

Go traveling

Nigeria is a big country geographically with diverse cultures. Traveling during your semester holidays provides an opportunity for you to wind off the semester stress since school activities can be very stressful for students. As such, a holiday during the semester break can do wonders. The idea of traveling during the semester break is to get away from things that stress you and live a life that doesn’t follow a routine for a while. Travelling provides a great way for students to “de-stress”.

Find an internship or a part-time job

Long holidays are always a good period to find an internship or a part-time job to get into society before graduation. If you have not made any plans, you may find yourself bored and start looking for other ways to best occupy your time. Planning early and looking for an internship or volunteer experience during the fall semester for winter break makes sense. You can find an internship in a course-related company to train your skills and pave the way for a future career.

Continue to Study

For the rest of the students who like being in the “STUDY GURU” mode, holidays are the perfect time to recharge and refocus for the new semester/session, as the perfect opportunity to get a head start on the school curriculum and revise for the upcoming exams. When classes begin, you’ll have a better idea of what the lecturer is talking about.

Check-ins from holiday to semester can help you revamp your experience and get you ready for the next semester. Now that the holiday is drawing to a close, what can you proudly say you’ve been able to do?