Skyline University Nigeria

CIPM’s CEO Enlightens SUN Students on Social Responsibilities

Guest Lecturer, at the 5th ‘CEO Lecture Series’ of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), Ms. Busola Alofe, and the Registrar/CEO of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) has urged students of the university to take social responsibility very seriously. According to her, social responsibility is especially tied with ethical conduct, passion test and purposeful life, where ideas can be shared in teams to make the society better.                              

She gave this charge, amongst others, while delivering a lecture titled ‘Finding Meaning and Fulfilling Purpose through a Life of Social Responsibility’ on Thursday, 10th December 2020 through an online platform. Ms. Alofe, who defined social responsibility as the ethical concept of being accountable for impacting society and culture, and creating ideas that will make the society better, stated that individuals are social entities capable of finding a progressive life. “Students should be able to ask the question, how am I impacting the society positively, because this question is key to finding self?” she added.

The principles of social responsibility, she noted, could be applied in every sphere of life in giving back to society. The ethical conduct for the students, according to her, must be measured within context of finding meaning, purpose, passion, fulfilment and stewardship, categorized in the following tips;

1. Students should be able to have the opportunity to explore the things they love to do and what comes to their ways easily.

2. To ask themselves, what qualities they enjoy expressing the most in the world.

3. To create a life purpose statement.

4. Follow inner guidance and decide where they want to go.

5. Be clear about their purpose

6. Conduct passion test.

7. Think about the times they’ve experienced the greatest joy in their life and conduct a joy review.

8. Take time for themselves.

9. Align goals with life purpose and passion and finally take feedbacks from others

10. Measure how they feel about their positive impact in the community.

In his opening remark, Professor Sudhakar Kota, the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, stated that the relevance of social responsibility in the current context is very important for the youth to shape the society for a better tomorrow. He appreciated the Guest Speaker and added that the lessons of today, will be beneficial to all the students and staff of the university to develop a planned action towards ethical works and conduct.

Engr. Bashir Garba, the Head of Corporate Affairs Department of the University and convener of the ‘CEO Guest Lecture Series’, while delivering the closing remark, appreciated the Speaker for the wonderful presentation, which he described as an ‘inspiring and sermon lectures. “Already the visions of Skyline University Nigeria and CIPM are likeminded and we look forward to a more impactful event”, he remarked.