Skyline University Nigeria

Essential Skills and Competencies for Workplace, a Must-Have for Students of Skyline University Nigeria

Since its inception in 2018, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has continued its impressive run for academic excellence, providing a technologically enabled platform for students to excel in knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship. As one of the reputable private universities in Nigeria, the University’s continued upward trajectory in the overall development of the student is well encouraged by the students’ compliance to international best practices and performance in both academics and skills development. 

It is no news that the world outside school presents a different ballgame than within the four walls of the university system. Hence, the need for the right kind of skills that shows what an outstanding return on investment the university provides for the students, to help them succeed. Here are some essential on-campus opportunities that would boost skills and competencies for the workplace, a must-have for students of the university. Think of them as your passport to career success.

Students Organization

On-campus students’ organization is a great platform that allows students to take on responsibilities and solve challenges, to make a difference in the university community as well as provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a good leader. You can join a campus club where you can have fun and develop leadership and teamwork experience along the way. Student organizations bring together students with a common interest in anything from sustainability to investment banking.

Our Unique Facilities

SUN has a wide array of centres, institutes and facilities, which contributes to the vitality and creativity of the university. You can use the entrepreneurship lab, newsroom, or creative zone on campus that lets you build skills while doing something you love. SUN is working to have professional radio and HD TV stations on campus, where students can produce their content.

Internship Opportunities

There are tons of internship activities that work with students’ schedules to get some on-the-job training. Internships allow you to work within the university campus for a limited amount of time, from a week to a semester. These can be paid or unpaid and allow interns to learn more about a field of interest while completing tasks or projects alongside full-time employees. 

Leadership training

You can also take leadership training through leadership workshops occasionally held within the university and gain crucial skills like communication and teamwork. Leadership training can happen informally through your involvement with campus organizations, and many colleges have dedicated leadership centres to train and mentor students. Undergraduates at SUN can work with the Students Service or the Corporate Affairs Department to seek opportunities on campus and beyond.