Skyline University Nigeria

Events to look out for in AY 2022/2023

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) cares about students welfare and is dedicated to their academic, personal and career successes. That’s why we work together to ensure that students are prepared for classes and are thriving outside of the classroom experience. From Fresher’s Party to Orientation, to Matriculation, Workshops/seminars, Excursions and fairs, End of Semester exams etc. Skyline University Nigeria has the resource and people to give a positive and successful experience. Below are some of the major events to look out for in Academic Year (AY) 2022/2023.

#1 Orientation

The orientation Programmeme for the new intake into Skyline University Nigeria is the first chance to engage new students in the culture, expectations, and resources of SUN. Orientation provides an opportunity for new students to learn about what being among the Skyliners is all about and gives them focus beyond the academic department or Programmeme they are joining. It introduced basic concepts of education, and includes opportunities for academic and career guidance, getting acquainted with the Skyline’s environment and, of course, refreshment. This year’s orientation, was very informative as academic support staff, as well as old students, were on hand to help the new students with their registrations, any question they may ask, guide them through a collaborative orientation experience and contribute to events throughout the Orientation.

#1 Fresher’s Party

For Skyline University Nigeria, Fresher’s party is organized every year to welcome the new batch of students. This day gives a chance to the students to interact amongst themselves. This also ensures that the students get a chance to interact with none academic staffs, professors and returning students. On this day, the spirits are usually high as returning students get together to welcome the new batch with music, food and games. The fresher’s party is a fabulous way to kick start the academic year for the students.

#3 Matriculation

Matriculation marks the formal process of entering into Skyline University Nigeria, a process that will imbibe the students with the widely acknowledge university tradition of academic and character excellence throughout their university journey. Hence the significance of the matriculation ceremony should guide the student’s conduct, throughout their stay in the university. At the Matriculation ceremony, students are expected to take the matriculation oath, spells out certain ethos and rules of intellectual engagement that must guide student’s behaviour in and outside the classroom at all times. Matriculation is not complete without the signing of the matriculation register. Basically, Matriculating students would wear academic gowns and caps usually obtained from the university library.

#4 Workshops/seminars/Fieldtrips

As part of the university’s strategic goal; which is to impact students’ academic performance through other learning modalities, Skyline University Nigeria will be organizing workshops/seminars and field trips for students. These occasional visits are designed to practically educate and engaged students with access to tools and environment that are not available at the school while giving each and every student the real-world experience. SUN has an astounding variety of events, largely organized and run by academic departments and students. Professionals come to campus and offer distinctive views informed by their experiences and expertise.

#5 Sports

Apart from all the aforementioned, there is the sports department where athletes and aspiring athletes from all over the world, came together to compete for honours among themselves. Skyline University Nigeria has already gone far in its plans ahead of the Nigerian Universities Games Association (NUGA), billed to hold annually.

Finally, there are a lot of other campus activities to learn from. There are over 200 out of class activities, many campus-wide events and students associations and clubs to help you find your passion, your place, and your niche.