Skyline University Nigeria

Find Your Voice

Realizing one’s dream and getting hold of the future depends on what you do right now. With the rapid advancements in technology and the internet, many opportunities are yet to be explored and grabbed by especially students. Tweeting and Blogging are a few of the online engagements that can unveil the personalities of amazing talents. 

The abundance of resources provided by technology does make youths generally clueless about how to find their voices. Thus, to reveal the person that you are, you have to showcase yourself by capitalizing on your skills and unique art online. Of course, the world is full of beautiful ideas that may scare early-career starters. But, the ability to identify your distinguishing features is what defines your personality, and capability and therefore sets you apart. 

The path to finding yourself is full of hurdles but, it allows you to creatively set a goal and work towards achieving it. By doing this, it enables students and starters to expand their horizons, make mistakes, learn from mistakes and adopt sustainable ways of advancing a successful career. To reach the highest point in your career, you have to inculcate self-promotion and self-branding.

Promoting oneself isn’t a relatively easy endeavour. It requires calculated and dedicated efforts, risks, time, lessons, and hundreds of uncertainties. As a student or graduate, it is highly imperative to understand and imbibe promoting personal ideas, arts and creative thoughts. The first giant step is to always consider being the best at what you do.  

Think about the greatest artists of all time – Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Da Vinci, or famous writers like Shakespeare, Orwell and Hemingway, who all earned global recognition through what they’re best at. Even without the technology to leverage during their time, they still made unmatched pieces that always topped their equals. More so, their creations are still a major part of the world’s most-priced items. 

The latest trends in tweeting and blogging are interesting and easy ways that can effectively support realizing what one is good at, self-promotion and building a personal and highly competitive brand. Students and starters can explore careers in content development such as writing, videos, graphic design thousands of creative ideas. Most importantly, engage with a network of content developers. This will motivate you and help you steal like an artist.