Skyline University Nigeria

Finding your waystone

Quite often life feels like something important is missing. Something seems off-balance or incomplete. For most people, life has been on hold for as long as they can’t even remember. We all have our different aspirations in life and where we want to get to, to achieve our goal but somehow progress has become slow or possibly paused. Paused not because we want it to but by the unexpected event such as Labour strike, extended university holidays, Conflicts/crises, possible wars, campus strike, shut down of university Programmemes, early unexpected pregnancy and the likes.
Personally, getting stuck when one feels that progress is inevitable is even more depressing and daunting. For others, it can create a feeling of longing for more up-close and personal support. Not knowing the people you could talk to about these things blocks the possibility of finding your waystone. You can share your ideas all day on social media but when you are done, you are left to figure out everything out on your own. You are still alone and feel people who have made significant progress may not truly realize the depth of the effects that people who are stuck may be dealing with.
You’ve tried to talk to people, family members, colleagues, undergraduate university friends, university admissions counselors etc. but it feels like they don’t understand what you have passed through or what you are passing through. Then, whatever your situation is you may need to find your way stone.
Finding your way stone is having the ability to begin from where one has left off, to re-connect, re-establish, restore, reopen and every other word that suites the description. Returning to school after an extended break can leave you filled with dread and anxiety. You’re only going back to school – why is it so hard? If this question is something you’ve asked yourself, or if you could use some advice getting back into study mode, here are 4 bullets that will help beat back your post-holiday blues and make school a breeze.
You can take a pen and paper and write a list of personal goals that you’d like to accomplish during the semester. These goals might be social, intellectual, or physical (Making new friends, joining a sport/club, getting better grades/shapes) but by having something to work towards can reduce the anxiety about starting up again.
This could be a lecturer you like or respect, a lecturer of your favorite university course, or a football coach of a club you belong. Check on them often for updates and if they are busy that day, see if you can catch up later on in the week.
There may be a course to re-sit, a part time university job to apply for, or a field trip in a week or two. Whatever it is, chances are you have things to look forward to when you return to campus. Making a list of these things, you can make university life exciting again?
There is no getting around it… you will need some time before it feels normal again. Pre-degree Programmemes, degree Programmemes as well as post graduate returning process can take about a week – four but couch yourself through your negative thoughts by being all positive about finding your ways tone experience.
Looking forward to hearing positive thoughts from you!