Skyline University Nigeria

First Grade Comprehensive College Lauds Skyline University Nigeria on Academic Readiness & Worthiness

According to him, the visit was in a bid to develop a cordial relationship and possible collaboration in the area of building quality education as stakeholders in the educational industry.

Expectations for secondary schools and universities have changed. For students and parents, satisfaction largely depends on whether a degree will translate into meaningful work after graduation. “We’ve decided to come and see and we are pleased with your academic readiness. Skyline University Nigeria is worthy” Mr. Jerry added.

Skyline University Nigeria, since its establishment, has been at the forefront of bringing in new innovation to the learning methodology because today’s employers require more than just academic excellence. They are looking for even more applied learning through co-curricular experiences. The graduates who stand out are the ones who know who they are, what they want and are able to back it up with conviction.

“Our interest is not only making graduates who will stand out academically but who will also stand out as an entrepreneur, irrespective of the Programmeme of their study” Mr. Shola Lawal, SUN Head of Marketing averred.

Skyline University Nigeria is opened to collaboration that will contribute meaningfully to the development of education in Nigeria. SUN is committed to building a reputable process that will help students prepare for new opportunities tomorrow.