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Freshmen Orientation: Skyline University Nigeria hosts Head Mistress of Prime Primary School for a Guest Lecture

As one of its fundamental principles of exposing students to professional experience demonstrated by experts, the management of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) hosted the headmistress of Prime Primary School, Ms. Anju Ganglani, to deliver a lecture on emotional intelligence. The session was delivered on 2nd November 2023, at the SUN campus.

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of SUN, Prof. Ajith Kumar, welcomed her to the prestigious university. He admitted that academic success is highly dependent on emotional management. He said the students are privileged to have snippets from the vast experience of experts so that they can have a successful academic career. Many people are in need of emotional intelligence knowledge to handle tasks effectively.

Delivering her lecture titled ‘Emotional Intelligence’, Ms. Ganglani said everyone has an emotional equator. It is our intuition and choice that propel us to be a better version of ourselves, she added. Managing our powerful thoughts starts with developing resilience. She admitted that having control over one’s thoughts is an important way to overcome emotional bankruptcy.

She warned the students to avoid getting addicted to social media. Be careful and ignore the lives of multiple people to have the best days of your life, she said. Ms. Ganglani advised the students on important morning routines that can charge their emotional batteries for good days.

She then congratulated the students for having the opportunity to further their education at such a world-class institution. She highlighted that not all youths are privileged to pursue higher education in Nigeria; hence, this moment is a rare opportunity for the students to make a lifelong difference.

Delivering the closing address on behalf of the management of SUN, Ms. Sarada Maganti, the Director of Academic Support Services (DASS), expressed her satisfaction with the session. She said the program was one of the most remarkable and active sessions that the students had had since the orientation commenced. She applauded Ms. Ganglani for sparing time to talk to the students.

Students who attended the event were thrilled by the lecture and actively participated.

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