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From holiday to semester, check-ins for students

Our students currently are having some of the best moments of their lives. They’re enjoying their holiday while exploring the world and engaging in various lifelong learning activities.

One of the best ways they can rejuvenate is by visiting a variety of destinations within their cities and around the world.

Because the holiday gives ample time for students to engage in fun activities and learning programs, here are some interesting places that students can explore:

  1. Start-up Hubs and Innovation: With daily developments in the world of technology, students would find it worthy to visit technology incubation hubs to find networks of like-minded individuals. At this place, students can participate in demo days to pitch their ideas to investors, learn coding and web development, e. t. c. Engaging with such places will especially put them on the track for a bright future.
  2. Recreational Parks and Restaurants: Many entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond are investing in the hospitality industry unlike ever before. With the stress of the semester, students have the right places to unwind the stress they have gathered during class sessions, tests and examinations. Some or most the recreational parks being established are able to provide a lot of creative activities that will improve students’ skills, accuracy and mental stability. This is much needed for personal and professional development.
  3. Internships and Voluntary Work: It is now the perfect time to plan a productive holiday. With internships, students can learn and be well grounded in their chosen field of study. There are a lot of organizations needing bright students to help out with world-class knowledge. Our Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) are a perfect match for such positions due to the international standard education and professional experience they receive.
  4. Local and International Tourism: Nigeria is richly endowed with invaluable sights and destinations. In order for students to have a better knowledge of the local communities and environment, they can explore the local populations closer to them, which can help them to contribute to better social development. More so, students who are passionate about international travel can discover important destinations around the world. With social media, they can even highlight some of the best destinations they have visited alongside their reviews to engage other tourists.

These are just a few of the vast activities that students can engage in in order to have a fruitful holiday. Good luck to our students as you make the best use of your holidays!

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