From the Admissions Team – Skyline University Nigeria is Worth Visiting

From the Admissions Team – Skyline University Nigeria is Worth Visiting

Choosing the right school for you/your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as it will have a tremendous impact on you/their achievements.

Visiting a university for the first time can provide answers to the questions in most admission seeker’s minds and can be awesome as it gives the chance to experience and get a feel of life at the university, ask questions that matters, take a campus tour, take part in lecture sessions, attend questions and answer sessions with staff and see first-hand, the university facility and accommodation.

When weighing your options, it might be helpful to consider the location of the university compared to the distance from your home. Is it easy to get to? Are my safety guaranteed? How quickly would I get home if needed? What are the transport links like? What are the programmes offered? Am I able to afford the tuition? Can I make the cutoff marks, if yes when is the deadline for admission? If you are not already considering these options, here is a message from Skyline University Nigeria admissions team that can help you to prepare and make a choice.

“We encourage you to plan a visit with Skyline University Nigeria to see what being an international private university is all about. Pick a date and we will help you meet the faculty members, visit the lecture classes, labs, take a personalized campus tour with a current student, eat in campus canteen and if interested in playing varsity sports, we can set up an appointment with coaches depending on your interests. We can’t wait to show you around our campus.” said Mr. Shola Lawal.

Visit days are an incredible way to experience what it’s like to be a student at SUN. “We will serve as the first line of communication to help you answer any question either in person or on the blog”, said Mr. Bashir. We would also like to take this opportunity to talk about open house. One of the more exciting events that we are hosting.

The University Open house Days for undergraduate courses will let you explore our beautiful campuses and excellent facilities, whilst learning about the subjects you are interested in and how they are taught. You can also see a selection of the University accommodation and speak directly with our students and staff. It’s a fantastic way to imagine yourself here at Skyline University Nigeria. Mr. Bashir added.