Skyline University Nigeria

Guest Lecture Series with Dr. Shola Osinaike

General Studies Department conducts its second symposium on strategic talent management

The Department of General Studies at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has conducted its second symposium on strategic talent management. The session was organized to inform students about the need to maximize their talents and to help them identify the unique roles they might be playing in the future.

Delivering the introductory remarks, Dr. Olumide Ajayi, a lecturer in the department of general studies, explained that SUN invests heavily in graduating students who will be job creators, thereby solving the persistent unemployment challenges in the country. He admitted that the session would enable students to gain lifelong learning from the experiences and insights of experts, which would allow them to build sustainable businesses.

The guest speaker, Dr. Shola Osinaike, the Principal Lecturer and Director of Tourism, Hospitality and Events at CCBS Canterbury in Kent, United Kingdom, explained that talented individuals are those who can make an enormous difference to an organization’s performance in achieving its strategic objectives, either through their immediate contribution or in the longer term by demonstrating the highest levels of potential.

She added that talent management focuses on three concepts: how human capital adds value to businesses, how talented people affect performance, and how talent strategies optimize high-performing workers’ contributions.

Dr. Osainike admitted that some of the positive impacts of strategic talent management include reduced cost, increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction and engagement and enhanced overall organizational performance.

She concluded by admitting that for any organization to withstand the socioeconomic and technological disruptions of the current era, a strategic talent development plan must be adopted.

Dr. Ajayi stated that the guest speaker has excellently delivered the topic. He added that he was impressed with the students performances during the session, especially in the aspects of individual talent management.

He then emphasized that identifying your core values and strengths, embracing the culture of continuous learning and building your personal brand, as highlighted by the guest speaker, are critical skills the students should implore to build their personal talents.