Skyline University Nigeria

Have a Chance to Experience the Hostel Life Once

‘Home away from home’, has become one of the most popular words you can hear amongst the students living in the University Hostels. These students learnt so many things. Apart from the hostel life that plays a vital role in developing their personality, the students who live in hostels are self-dependent and confident, and the hostel life gives them a sense of responsibility.

The total university experience is not complete without the experience of hostel life. There is no comparison between life at home with life at the university hostels because of the immense experience the hostels give. Hostel life can help students to become self-dependent and have the opportunity to explore the new freedom available at the university campus.

No doubt, moving into the university’s hostels for the first time is one of life’s biggest moments for many undergraduate students. It is also considered by many as a turning point for the establishment of new relationships that quickly turn into friendship and family. Due to these reasons, students come from far and near to reside in hostels provided by their institutes and be part of this memorable experience. 

Hence, from the point of registration into the university’s academic Programmeme, students are advised to take up university accommodation for their good. The experience of being a resident of the hostel at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) is even more exciting with a lot of advantages for the undergraduate students.

The hostels cater for both domestic and international students and offer a range of options which includes self-sufficient hostel rooms on a twin sharing basis or a single self-contain, where each room is equipped with study tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, table lamps, 24 hours free internet, recreation facilities, available transportation including weekends. This makes living and studying at Skyline University Nigeria a lot easier.

The students at SUN are encouraged to develop community life and inculcate the spirit of tolerance, thus taking care of their psychological and emotional needs and shaping themselves to be better citizens. Some of the advantages available for students residing in the university’s hostels include less distance from campus; dedicated security personnel, access to the university’s library from their hostel, through the library online portal, etc. making off-campus students feel they are missing a lot.