Skyline University Nigeria

Head of Corporate Affairs Advises Students to Embrace Academic Excellence for Industry Integration

Engr. Bashir gave the advice during a meeting with the Media Department of the university on Monday 4th November 2019. He said, “There are many brilliant students who have not discovered themselves academically and for this reason, they lack the desire to refine their inherent talents and intelligence. There are also many students who have odds stacked against them but achieved brilliantly towards building a successful career. Skyline University Nigeria is therefore set to cater for the individual differences of the students for sustainable industry integration”.

Engr. Bashir further identified some measures that students should take to embrace academic excellence for industry integration. These include:

Organizational Skills

Students who do well in school can make the transition into building a career. Individuals, who are better organized, better prepared and have an organizational plan did better in school and will continue to be like that in their career. Organizational skills, time management, prioritization, concentration and motivation achieved in the academics is translated to the industry. These are some of the qualities in demand by industry experts, he added.

Good Teamwork

Excellent students possess a variety of qualities and one of them is teamwork. Teamwork requires a strong ability to understand how other members of the team think. It requires good listening skills and flexibility. These qualities are the essentials required by employers to maintain a good relationship and communications skills with customers, clients and workmates.


Academically excellent students are more likely to be employed, have stable employment, have more employment opportunities than their peers, and are healthier and happier. Academic excellence is important for industry integration because employers will require higher levels of educational qualifications for available openings.

Creativity and good social interactions

They are less likely to fail in school and more likely to develop the needed skills to graduate from the university and post-university career. Being confident in these basic academic skills is also necessary for finding and keeping jobs that provide a steady income, benefits and opportunities for advancement.


Excellent students are usually entrepreneurship oriented. Through the outcome of achieving academic success, individuals learn how to overcome failure, deal with pressure, set goals and meet them as well as continually improve. These individuals, who through education, have embraced opportunities that are likely to translate to successful businesses.