Skyline University Nigeria

Head of Marketing Unfolds Plans for Multicultural Learning Environment for Students

While responding to an interview on ‘the imperative of multicultural learning environment at SUN’, The Marketing Manager, Mr. Ahmed Bello unfolded the university’s plan to an audience which included the members of the media team, what multiculturalism meant to Skyline University Nigeria, a new generation of Harvard. “Diverse nationalities contribute to enriching the learning environment at Skyline University Nigeria. Everyone in SUN are treated equally without discrimination of religion, colour, creed or ethnic groupings”. He emphasized.

He added that the idea of multicultural best practices is a product of global mutual acceptance of different cultures. “It is crucial that students benefit from multicultural learning environment such as SUN” He affirmed.

In his submission, Multiculturalism adds to students’ exposure on how things are seen or done in other cultures which in turn promotes celebrating various cultures. SUN encourages students to be great communicators and open-minded, enough to motivate and equip the students’ learning skills and help them adapt easily and interact professionally. This encouragement is evidenced by the number of multinationals in the university, social events of varying cultures like the Diwali celebrations, Iftar dinner, etc.

He advised the students to value the real-life experience of diversity in Skyline University Nigeria. That, entering the university should be a time of laying a foundation for their future, because in addition to the support from parents, what is learnt here could create a sustainable future for them. Mr. Ahmed encouraged the students of Skyline University Nigeria to embrace creativity and the vast experience they can from the multinationals (Expatriates and students) in the university so as to become a networking insider, gain in-demand expertise, build confidence with real equipment, join a global community of professionals, and enter an exciting and expanding career.

Mr. Ahmed, who asserted that in SUN, the students are sure to excel in degree Programmemes, prepared for industry-recognized career certifications, and through their exposure and relationships with multinationals within the campus, will stand out. “For this reason, students should take advantage of the environment that SUN has created and continue to enrich themselves with whatever possible that will make them stand out. The world is a place of unlimited knowledge. Keep up the learning spirits.