Skyline University Nigeria

Mr. and Mrs. Anantram's visit to SUN

Highlights of Mr. Anantram Ganaparti and Mrs. Meenakshi Anantram’s visit to Skyline University Nigeria

In March 2024, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) hosted Mr. Anantram Ganaparti and Dr. Meenakshi Anantram, two globally renowned authors and life coaching experts, to share from their wealth of experiences with the SUN community. Both staff and students gained tremendously from the sessions delivered by the exceptional duo.

Mr. and Dr. Anantram kicked off with a writing and publication workshop alongside another eloquent writer from Nigeria, Dr. Isma’il Bala, a seasoned author. They both identified that “writing your story is a legacy that you will leave for the future generation.” This sums up the need for youngsters to embrace reading and writing.

Our students of the Schools of Arts, Management and Social Sciences (SAMSS) and Science and Information Technology (SSIT) had the rare privilege of getting first-hand information on CV writing and the necessary codes needed to crack interviews after graduation.

Mr. Anantram Ganaparti said the students must be able to customize their curriculum vitae to suit job requirements in order to get a higher chance of being considered. This was a critical statement that attracted many engagements from the students. Human resource managers consider emphasized positive attitudes, values, and clearly stated personal aspirations when conducting assessments, according to Mr. Ganaparti.

Dr. Meenakshi Ganaparti took an interesting session, which she titled ‘Life as an Event’. This session took our journey on a life journey into the world of the Amazon best-selling author and how she navigated other life intricacies. “Being a woman was the topmost challenge I had to face in a male-dominated world,” she said. She noted that it is essential for passionate writers to understand their readers so that they can write convincingly.

The duo supported a community development program by conducting a medical clowning workshop for terminally ill patients at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) in Kano State alongside SUN medical students.

Lastly, SUN staff benefitted immensely from the teaching effectiveness workshop organized by Mr. Anantram Ganaparti. He explained that “there’s never a bad student, only a bad teacher.” He challenged the staff to give their best to the students they come across.